Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Laundry Room

So as I was "fluffing the nest" yesterday ,

I decided to spruce up the laundry room. Now remember this is a 114 year old house(amazing right?)so I do not have a cute room for laundry.Ours is in the basement and it doubles as our shampoo room when we do hair clients .This year we built the stand for our new front loader washing machine and I really love it.Now I can quickly hide dirty laundry in the baskets when I have company!!!! We have cement walls mostly in the basement so that makes it hard to hang items.I added vintage wash signs on a window ledge for fun. I still need to re-paint the floor ( I have painted this floor a million times) but added a rug by the washing machine stand/platform. I found this laundry cart on Craig's list a few years ago and brought it back in the laundry room.It has been used to store toys previously.( I actually have two carts). I basically dump all the laundry in there and then sort the clothes.My hubby hung up my vintage chalkboard that was from a school(it weighs at least 100 lbs)on the wall and I love it here.I have had this in my kitchen originally but then moved it since we opened up the wall in the kitchen. Sometimes hubby thinks I collect junk ( he didn't like the chalkboard) but I found a vintage chalkboard on line and showed him what it was worth( about $2000) so he doesn't mind it so much now. I also showed him that chalkboards are all the rage in decorating now( I have had mine for years). I added some cute reproduction vintage hankies with clothes pins to the chalkboard and I love how it looks . I still need to find some cute baskets to put on the bench. So here it is so far.


Jennifer said...

You've made the laundry room so ridiculously cute. I think it would make me feel like an old fashioned washer lady in there, and maybe I'd actually enjoy doing laundry if our room was so cute.

goddessof4 said...