Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A little paint!!!

I finally had time last week to fill,sand ,and paint the trim around our front door. The whole door needed to be painted as well.I know the trend right now is to paint everything white but I am not a fan.I grew up with parents that only wanted white walls so I have had my share of white!!!! Also in a house full of kids and pets white shows dirt!!!!! I do like white trim and our door was painted white already so I just kept it the same. I love fresh painted surfaces,it makes everything feel so clean and new.I was motivated to repaint since we finally had Julian's bday party( only a month and a half late,lol)!!!! I am now motivated to start on the rest of the house.Here are the before and after photos.We are snowed in so I am finally posting on the blog!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Well hello there!!!!! I feel like I haven't posted in decades!!!! I find it hard to post from my ipad and still my laptop is down.On the project front we have done some little things around here!!! We put up new trim around our front door but I still need to spackle and paint.I started painting the bookshelves in our master bedroom but am only half way done.So you see I have done somethings!!!!! I am still not back to normal from the flu but definately getting there.I started a slowwwww workout again but miss my zumba classes and can't wait to get back to that. This new year started out bumpy for us but am hoping to get back to all things I love.....decorating,renovating ,shopping and having fun!!!!