Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Painting PVC pipes

An internet friend suggested to me that I could paint the white pvc pipes in my basement bathroom.The paint comes in brass,copper,or whatever color you need. Our piping in the bathroom is exposed copper so I chose copper color for the pvc pipes.What a difference!!!! I really love it!!!! The only problem was that it was a tight spot to paint so it didn't come out perfect but goes nicely with a 100+ house.Here are photos!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carpet tiles

Last night my sweet hubby installed the carpet tiles in my daughter,s room.Her room is in the remodeled basement and hers is the second room to be complete.The carpet was pretty easy to install.You basically peel and stick!!!!! We need to buy a carpet blade to cut off a few tiles where there was excess carpet.I have to say it looks pretty good and was inexpensive!!!!! I also have peace of mind knowing that if a portion gets ruined we can tear off a tile or two and replace!!!!! I will post pictures of her room soon.She is working on finishing a wall that she wants to add cork and make her own bulletin board!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Basement bathroom photos!!!!

Finally we can cross the basement bathroom off the list.A new window will be installed after winter but as far as I am concerned it is finally done!!!!! We started with just an area in the basement and did all the work ourselves.Two years ago my husband and his brother installed the pipes for water and a toilet.It took a year to actually install the toilet and then we were on a roll.Trent finished the piping and installed the sink and the tub.I am always the side kick in these projects.After everything was in we added the walls and door.Oh yeah we did the electric. The last thing we did was tile a wall in subway tiles.I love it!!! For a basement bathroom it is very paris apartment!! ( for any one who hasn't heard of paris apartment decorating ,it is a book by the same name and has a vintage and french feel)Here are a few photos.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

vintage photos!!!!

I love everything vintage!!!! I just found a cool program that lets you turn your regular photos into vintage ones that look 100 yrs old.Very cool!!!! Here are a few.... I am going to print some out and frame for the house especially my photos from Maui!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New haircut!!!

My hubby gave me a much needed cut and color!!!! I am loving it!!! I finally am not covered in cement or drywall dust.It feels good to have my hair done and put makeup on.Most days i don't wear makeup because I am just here at home. When I dress up I finally feel like myself again!!!! Thankyou,Trent!!!!! My daughter took some of the pictures for me!!!

Subway tile complete!!!

I finally grouted the subway tile.It is a messy job but after the clean up it makes such a difference!!!! I asked my daughter to take photos of me washing it off!!! LOL!!!! I look really gross but it is all the name of a beautiful bathroom!!! I also mudded the wall above tile .I just figured it was one less thing Trent had to do. Once I finish with final paint i will take more photos !!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Have a great day today!! I am having a little party for the kids and handing out a few small presents to them. I am hoping to make some cupcakes later.I have a few highlight clients coming so I will make them in the later afternoon.I have a cold and now my hubby does too so I doubt we will go out tonight. I do have a new outfit just incase!!!!! Well,I am off to work so have a great day!!!!! Update: here is the photo from the kids cupcakes.My daughter baked them and my two younger boys decorated them!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Prepping the walls

This has to be the most horrible messy job that we keep having to do!!!! We had to waterproof the walls and this cement is the worst to work with!!! We tore out some cabinets and found out there was moisture and the wall needed help. The wall is not close to being an even surface so that made it that much harder to deal with!!!! First mixing the cement is messy!! I had used an old mixer attachment to my drill and it actually worked great.But when we moved everything out of the cabinets it was put (stuffed) into a different room so we can't find anything.We ended up buying an industrial mixing attachment and it got the cement Everywhere!!! It was way to powerful and it almost burned out our drill. We haven't decided if we will do another coat yet or not. It is still drying so we will see.I snapped a few photos,here they are.....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Boxes!!!!!

We finally bought the flooring for the basement!!!! We first wanted wood laminate flooring then switched to carpet then back again.The deciding factor was the price!!!! The carpet squares were on sale this week at Menards so we went with carpet.I have stacks of little boxes in the living room at the moment. Before we install,we will have to finish one wall in my daughters room and add a door.Fun!!! We are hoping that the dogs will not be hanging in the basement once the carpet is in.They are mostly upstairs . I have a dog gate so they won't go down but the teenagers (not the smaller two) always manage to leave the gate open!!!!! That will be the beauty of buying the carpet squares if a spot is ruined You Can Replace Them!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well,Saturday we had a bathroom "emergency"!!!! The toilet overflowed one time to many!!!! This bathroom is on the second floor so you can imagine what we have to deal with!!!!! It also happened while a client was here!!! Luckily they had no clue while I was discreetly passing by with a bunch of towels.That was the last straw so we went out to Menards and bought a new toilet!!! I have never been so excited to purchase one before but this time I really was!!! As you know nothing is a simple project in an old house.We were slightly afraid we were opening a can of worms removing the old toilet.I had visions of a rotted out floor.Luckily the floor was intact.The worst part was removing the old wax .It looked like it had been there 100 yrs and then the last person just put the wax seal over the old one.Yuck!!!!! My hubby is a saint!!!! He was the one scraping that thing off!!!! We installed the new one and we are loving it!!!! Nothing beats peace of mind!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Moving along!!!!!

Today I finally bought the grout for the subway tile!!! Yeah!!!!! It will finally FEEL finished!!!!! The very last detail will be the door trim.Oh almost forgot ,I have to paint a small section (above subway tile) It will be chocolate brown!!!! I'm in love with that color!!!! It will make the tile pop. Last Tuesday night we decided to add a door to our second floor hallway.It is supposed to be temporary but I am kind of liking it!!!! The purpose of this door is two fold,1. to keep the dogs upstairs when we have clients and 2. to hide any laundry baskets/mess from clients when they use our bathroom (which is on the second floor).I usually hide all that stuff in our bedroom and I am relieved to be able to just close a door instead!!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Demolition begins.....again!!!!

We started again with the crowbar!!!!! We had an idea to use the other half of our shampoo/laundry room and turn it into a room/music studio for our oldest son.His room is currently the one with my favorite tin ceiling!!! There were built in cabinets that we used for all hubby's tools that we needed to demolish.At first we thought we could preserve them but we decided we probably would not rebuild them in the garage. It was a lot of work and a huge mess(as usual).We discovered that the wall behind these cabinets was damp so we will have to put waterproofing cement before we insulate and put up dry wall.As usual there is more work than you thought !!!! So the basement floor will be installed After we build this room!!!! Here are some pictures.