Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Since spring break came and went I have been very busy painting. One project that was on my mind for months was painting the kitchen cabinets.Since we are having baby Weston's first bday party here at the house I thought there is no time like the present!!!! A party is always motivating for me,LOL!!!!! I am still painting the cabinets and while I am waiting for the paint to dry I thought I would post some photos. I bought some new hardware for the lower cabinets to try out and I really like how they look .This weekend I have to go to Menards and pick more up and have hubby drill some holes in the cabinets.The new bin pulls are bigger than what was there before.I can't wait until this project is done although now I have to paint the rest of the kitchen since it is looking blah!!!! I will paint the kitchen the same sage green since I still love it but it needs a refresher coat. Here are some photos of my work in progress...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break

This week has been our Spring Break!! Truthfully,we really needed it!! The boys loved staying up late and sleeping in and I planned on getting to my list of projects that I have been putting off. Last summer the boys started painting a room in the basement that Trent wants to use for his room.Well it is exactly 8 months later and I finally bought more paint and painted the finishing touches,lol!!! My other paint project isn't finished but so far I am liking it.I started painting the lower cabinets in the kitchen dark gray .I chose gray because our countertops are a dark gray/ black and I thought a darker color would help hide the dirt.The upper cabinets are a sage green color that I really love.So far I like how it looks but won't know for sure until all the lower cabinets are painted.Also I hope I picked out a dark enough gray since the paint looks lighter than the swatch. We are having baby Weston's first birthday party here at the house so that is motivating me to get the kitchen painted and in order!! I will post photos after I upload them from my phone.Well ,that is all that is new here .Hope everyone is having a great day!!