Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Basement Makeover

Well previously I wrote about the closing of the salon Trent and I worked at.We are doing our clients in our home.We have a styling chair and supplies and we have been doing them in our kitchen.We just installed a shampoo sink in our basement that we found on Craig's list. I am addicted to Craig's list more than ebay!!!!!! Any way,our basement looked like a dungeon so we had to repaint, clean everything,and build a door so our dogs won't go into the laundry/shampoo area while clients are here. I still have to prime one wall and paint the floor.It is a concrete floor that I am going to paint a charcoal gray.The walls are almost turquoise. It came out brighter than I thought so I
might color wash over the blue to soften it a little. The shampoo bowl is black so it looks great together.I really want to finish this project by Friday since we have a few people coming over.It is a good thing that I have been waterproofing the walls in the laundry room!!!! I really never thought I would have my own shampoo sink in my house but it is pretty cool!!! My 9 year old loved getting his hair washed in it.I haven't posted pictures because our camera broke,I am going to try and borrow my teenage daughter's one so everyone can see all our progress!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cleaning frenzy!!!!

The salon my husband and I worked at closed unexpectedly.The owner is going through a divorce and didn't want to run it anymore.We found out Monday night that it is officially closed.So with quick thinking we have been trying to transfer our clients that were already booked to come here for their appointment(at the house).I had to clean like a mad women and finish some touch up painting on the first floor. It has been very stressful to say the least.Our house is not set up like a salon so we have been doing the clients in our kitchen.I have been thinking"our house is not as presentable as I would like it for people to see".I still have one wall that is in the kitchen with a swatch of paint of the color we are painting. There is something very personal about revealing your home.I am wondering what our clients are thinking?Do they appreciate the charm of an older home? We have windows that need to be replaced,our house has a slightly slanted floor,Our fence needs to be replaced. But then there are the obvious details that drew me to the house,fabulous molding ,huge kitchen,victorian bathroom. I think I am just stressed out.I shouldn't worry but I do!!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Today went well considering this is our second Easter this year.Our son Julian decided about a month ago that it was Easter.He asked some question about Easter and before you know it he was hunting around the house for empty baskets for the Easter bunny!!!!! He set up 5 baskets in my room.I tried to tell him it wasn't Easter yet but he was not having it.At around 7:00 pm that day he put himself to bed(very rare).I asked my other son Trent where is Julian? Trent proceeds to tell me,"he thinks he is getting candy from the Easter bunny and went to bed." Mom,we have to buy some candy and fill the baskets or he will be really sad.So at around 10 pm I am at the grocery store buying candy for all the baskets Julian set up. It was a riot!!!! My youngest son is a character!!!!! Today we went to Chicago and hung out at my dad's house. There is a really awesome Chinese restaurant .Where we live in Kenosha the food is not great. I am from Chicago and there is so much more variety .That is what I miss the most.Ok ,maybe the shopping comes first !!!!!! I hope everyone had a very happy Easter!!!!!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Bed drama

Today we decided we would build our bed since we got off early from work.First I convinced my husband that we needed to repaint our room because it would be to hard after the bed was put together.Off we went to Menard's,luckily I liked the first paint chip I picked up.It is a purple color and is called "Her Sanctuary".The name sealed the deal!!!!!!!! Well,by the time we got home I decided to go ahead and build the bed.
After getting out all the pieces and starting to build it we realized our current bed frame(that just holds the mattresses )only has attachments to one end(where you screw in the headboard).There are no attachments for the other end.We now have to order an extension for the end part of our bed to attach to.In the mean time we decided we would mount it to the wall for more support.So guess what,I had to start painting the wall the bed would be mounted to.It looks really pretty but hopefully we won't end up on the floor in the middle of the night when my 5 yr.old climbs in our bed!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

My brass canopy bed

I am so excited !!!!! My new bed frame has just delivered.I have been trying to find the right bed for a year. I loved my last bed but the hubby hated it .It was a very heavy wood frame and we always bumped into the corners of it.So he had the idea that he wanted to sleep on the floor(just matresses) .I gave in unwillingly, since I am all about the look of the room I was MISERABLE!!!!! Well,we discovered that we had spiders as in brown recluse/or yellow sac type.So we started getting bites. The spider bites were the most
painful and disgusting things you could imagine.Lets just say you are left with a hole in your skin that takes weeks to heal and then an ugly scar. Finally after trying everything to get rid of these things that were biting us hubby agreed we needed a bed frame. YEAH!!!!! I am so happy!!!!!! Now I have to repaint the room before we put it together.The room is currently a periwinkle blue and I am thinking of painting it a lavender color.I am still keeping one wall blue because we have a huge bookcase there(filled to the rim!!!}.I am so excited I have a really girly bed again!!!!!! I wish I could paint my room Pink but Trent was like no way!!!!!!