Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Iphone 5

Yesterday we had a field trip to the Apple store!!!! My husband wanted the new phone since he is a techie so we went to work with him and took a field trip to the Apple store to wait in line for his phone. It was only the second time I went anywhere to wait for a new release.The first was for the kids and we waited for a video game. This was a different experience.We started waiting outside the mall but luckily it was only for 15 minutes or so since it was cold outside.We were happy to make it to the door to wait inside. We waited in line about 3 hours but it actually was fun.The people around us were so nice and everyone was excited about the new release. The Apple employees were very kind as well.They provided coffee and water bottles for everyone waiting.A coffee shop in the mall passed out samples of organic coffee and later samples of red velvet cupcakes.I definitely felt welcomed!!! The kids were so good and everyone around was talking to them as well.I took photos while in line to show hubby about our experience.The new phone is really is really cool,it definitely was worth the wait!!!!! Here are photos.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Now that school started we have been super busy. The house projects have been put on hold. Keeping the house clean is our biggest challenge!!!! Our fun beach days are over since the weather is starting to get cold and gloomy here. The bright side of this is that I get to wear my favorite boots again!!!!! I have added some cute cowboy boots to my collection!!! I also scored very cool fashionable boots at the end of the winter season so I am happy to be able to finally wear them. I love autumn weather but definitely not a fan of winter.I know it's around the corner so I am trying to make the best of this season.The kids are already talking about Halloween and that is our favorite holiday.Just waiting a few more weeks and then the halloween decoration boxes will be pulled out.I will keep you posted with photos.For now here are some of what has been happening at our house.