Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Wonderland

Traditionally the Christmas season officially starts the day after Thanksgiving.Although stores start decorating in October but here in our household we decorate the day after Thanksgiving!!!!
I was a little worried about where I would put the "trees". Our living room has turned into a work out room( hubby's huge weight set and now I added a stair master machine) and I have one of the Victorian sofas in the corner.It is not a very big room so I had to put my thinking cap on. Hubby suggested I move the sofa into our parlor room . I thought that was a good idea so the boys and I just pushed the sofa out of the way and set up the tree in the corner(where sofa usually is). This is a very narrow tree so after the boys and I finished decorating we thought we would just put the sofa in front of it. It worked out great for two reasons,it blocks the tree from our big dog and we didn't have to rearrange the parlor room!!!!!! Now "my favorite" tree is my baby pink tree.Last year I put it on top of a dresser that is in our living room but this year since our front porch actually looks cute I thought I would put it there.Luckily it was a warmer day so I didn't freeze decorating it.Unfortunately the lights that are on the tree do not work so I am going to buy a few strands of pink lights for it this weekend.Now the last mini tree is a tinsel lavender /pink and I found a spot in the kitchen for it!!!!! So now I am worn out from all this decorating!!!!! I still need a wreath for our front door and maybe some other little things but for now it looks like a Christmas Wonderland!!!!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful !!!!!

Today I am thankful for my husband who loves me!!!!! I am thankful for my children,I am thankful that I had one of my babies on Thanksgiving Day 14 years ago(wow).I am thankful that we have a beautiful home to call our own!!!!!! I am truly blessed!!!!!! Thank you Universe for all our blessings!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving turkey project

The boys and I had a fun homeschool Thanksgiving project to do yesterday. We made turkeys!!!!! Well paper bag turkeys!!!! I found a cute project on line (one I thought we could do) and had a go at it. It was fun,messy and best of all we now have center pieces for our Thanksgiving table!!!!!!! Here are photos of our turkey creations!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trough sink

We picked up my trough sink Saturday!! I am so excited!!!!! It is huge ,my vision is to use it in
a bathroom for the kids one day.Here are some inspiration photos( also this sink would be cute in an art studio or a mudroom)

* Mine is as long as the white sink and my vision is to paint it the turquoise blue if we use it in the boys bathroom!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Craigslist rocks!!!!!

I am so excited!!! I found one of my dream items on Craigslist that I have had in my treasures to find list!!! Hubby would say my list is ongoing ,LOL!!! A cast iron trough sink!!! This is a three person sink with the vintage original faucets included. I have dreamed of having one in a kids bathroom. Now granted we do not have a kids bathroom yet ( we have a main bathroom on the second floor and we put in a bathroom in our basement). But I have envisioned adding a bathroom on the main floor. Basically I don't care where we put it (it would look cute in a laundry/mudroom) as long as I get it!!!!! It is also a really awesome price . So I asked hubby if this could be my xmas present. These are the presents that make me happy!!!!! I love antiques,vintage items!!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Entrance hallway

Today I finally took the rest of our halloween decorations down( I was avoiding going on our front porch because it has been so cold ).So then I had to put them all away!!!! Not as much fun as taking them out of the boxes. We store our holiday(halloween and Xmas) decorations in our front hallway closet. This was a coat closet originally but it is so narrow that it was hard to hold all our coats in it.It just evolved into the holiday closet and it was a mess!!!! I took everything out of the closet and swept,wiped down the boxes and neatly put it all away. Then I spruced up the section where we hang our coats. I moved a cute mercury mirrored table there to place items such as keys and my purse. It looks so much better!!!! I was storing a gazelle exercise thingie in front of the closet door and it looked awful!!! That was the first thing you saw as you entered the house.In a few weeks I will be in the closet again taking out all the xmas decorations out,LOL!!!!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bedroom shelves

So we have been working on getting hubby's items on the brand new shelves. We bought about 3 baskets from Hobby Lobby ( not on sale) so I will go back and buy more when they have that section on half off . In the mean time I "shopped around the house" for a few more. So far I like how it looks,it still needs tweaking but it will do for now. I realize our bedroom will always be evolving but it definitely feels like both our styles are blending well.I like blingy,feminine,sparkly and hubby likes plain,techie,gadgety items.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bathroom update!!!!

We finally had time this weekend to connect the sink in the bathroom. It seems life gets busy around here!!!! I uploaded some photos to show my "new addition" to our main bathroom,my fireplace!!!!! This is a decorative fireplace that is a heater as well and I have to say it has kept our bathroom toasty warm!!!!!! I really love it. I have been looking at it since last year or so and finally I purchased it. Asking Trent to install an outlet for it opened a can of worms with electrical issues from previous owners. I am happy to say we now have safe, new wiring in our bathroom!!!!! Safety first!!!! Also the fireplace looks very cool with my mirrored sink since it is a mirrored fireplace. This bathroom still needs a few more finishing touches(new wall tile around bath tub, and tin ceiling ) but I love it so far!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Master Bedroom shelves

This is the one room that never seems to be finished!!!!! I have painted the room at least 4 times,a lot I know but finally I am happy with the color.It is mostly a vanilla color with one accent wall of chocolate brown. The problem we have had in the past is the lack of storage( a running theme in our 100+ year old

home). My husband didn't have a space for his items and it was hard to keep it all tidy . Monday we decided to add shelves that we made ourselves.We had previously bought book shelves but they really didn't hold much.So off to Lowes we went and bought the wood and had them cut it!!!( That is the extra bonus of going there). We found a sheet of birch wood board and had them cut it in sections and then we actually went to Menards to buy the shelving brackets.Luckily they are about five minutes from each other.Hubby and the boys went to work building the shelves.I was not feeling good so I wasn't helping,but I did take photos !!!!! Now that the shelves are up we are amazed at how much his side opened up. I am in the process of buying baskets to organize and style the room.