Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Fence

I received my Xmas present early!! If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I always ask for "weird" house projects or furniture as presents,lol:) This christmas was no exception.I wanted to fence in our new yard .Hubby would say the property was my present as well but I consider that a family gift we will all enjoy. Anyway,getting a permit for this property was a pain ,since this is technically a front yard on another street ,we couldn't add a 6 ft privacy fence.We could only add a 4 foot picket fence that was 50 percent open and at the corner of the neighboring driveway it had to be 3 feet in height for 15 feet(distance) for a vision clearance. At first I was really freaking out because we have the dogs and I would always have to be outside if I let them play in the yard(they could possibly jump over the 3 foot part)but then I realized I always wanted a victorian picket fence and it was the opportunity to have it.I love the movie Practical Magic (dream house) and saw a photo of their yard and it had a white picket fence!! We purchased a cedar french gothic picket fence.I will probably leave it the cedar color only because I can't imagine having to paint the fence every summer.I have enough of my front porch to touch up painting every other year,lol! Here are some photos of the new fence! I can't wait until spring so I can actually enjoy my present!!!! For now I am happy to rake the leaves and just stare at my new yard from my kitchen window!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dreams come true !!!

I haven't written in a while.Life seems so busy for me lately! The older the kids get the faster time flies.We had a great Thanksgiving weekend,our daughter and her family came to stay with us over the holiday weekend so that was great. We also had a Thanksgiving miracle!! About 7 years ago I wrote about a house behind our garage being torn down.
We dreamed about that empty lot for years.We wanted to purchase it and add it to our property so we could have a real yard.I tried to find out who owned it and called the city a few times.Then a good friend of ours became our neighborhood Alderman and she found out the city owned the lot.To make a long story short it seemed out of our reach ,so we just kept thinking one day we will purchase it.I still called it our lot every chance I had to talk about it.So here is where the story gets interesting.About a week before Thanksgiving we get a letter in the mail that the empty lot is going to be auctioned off the following Monday and if we were interested in adding it to our lot we could bid.It was a sealed envelope auction so you only had one bid.For the next five days my husband and I were trying to come up with a number that would make sense to us and that it would win!!! Also the two houses next to the empty lot received the letter as well.The blessing for us was that the two neighboring houses were renters and we thought the owners wouldn't necessarily want more upkeep.Of course we weren't 100 percent that they wouldn't bid but we were hopeful. Well our prayers were answered and we won the bid!!!! We bought our dream property lot at a a great price!!!
We are so happy.We are in the process of getting a fence permit to add to the property.We really have to work fast as it is getting colder here.I will add more photos after the fence is up!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer projects!!!!

This summer has flown by!!! Most of our summer was depressing.The weather was cold and it rained a lot in June.July was cooler too but warmed up at the end of the month and August was hot although today is chilly. I mostly painted the house.I painted the living room (same color green) but added a gold chevron pattern decal to one wall.It did not come out perfect but its ok because it is removable.I also painted the kitchen.We worked on the pantry wall one weekend.We installed the barn door track for the parlor doors that are now pantry doors.I did repaint them as well( added layers of pink) we had to add wood to them to make them longer ,so I had to paint the bottoms to match. I absolutely love the doors so much!!!! The pantry is my favorite area of the kitchen.I love adding decorative touches and rearranging all my containers.This weekend we made an awning for the outside area of the pantry since it has an exterior door.It really makes a difference .The last thing I have to do is paint the outside and inside of the exterior pantry door and that project is officially done. Here are a few photos of the living room and the pantry doors.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Our house has been quiet on the project list lately but that is about to change!!! Since we have finished the pantry ,I have been on the lookout for a special door.In my original vision I wanted an old rustic door hung on a barn door track. I searched Craigslist occasionlly and finally found a door I really liked.It was located by a town not far from where Paloma lives.I emailed the owner but never heard back.I fell in love with that door and especially the price(it was $40).Fast forward to last weekend,we went to a flea market that Paloma has been wanting us to go to by her house. I specifically wanted to find a door for the pantry and really didn't want to spend over $40 since I had found one for that price before. When going to a flea market you never know what to expect.One man's junk is another man's treasure,lol!!! At first I didn't see any doors and almost gave up hope.My husband said we would probably find some good stuff torward the back in an out of the way section and he was so right!!! I saw a pale pink door that caught my eye!!!At first I thought it was too narrow for the door but there were two narrow doors that almost matched. Originally these doors were parlor doors but the lady had painted one door pink and added chicken wire to a window that had broke.The other door was striped of its original paint but had both the frosted windows in tact. She was selling the pink door for $55 and the other one $45 but since I wanted both doors she would sell them to us for $50.So I bought the set for $50. I was happy ,since these doors are narrow we will be putting two doors in the pantry. I am always impressed at how the universe provides and brings to me things that are better than I have envisioned!!!!For mother's Day we will put up the doors!! I am super excited to have the final jewel to the pantry.I have decided I am going to add a little trim to the pink door around the chicken wire and leave the other door raw. Here are photos of the doors.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I feel like my little blog has been neglected!! At first it was my laptop acting up.I officially need a new battery and more memory.EEK! I tried uploading photos from my phone to my laptop to blog but it only accepted 9 photos. I have to ask hubby what's up with that,lol! I am officially re-starting my spring cleaning.I started in March (kind of)and then it became cold here again so it is feeling like winter.Not very motivating for cleaning,I would rather curl up under my blankets and just find pretty house blogs to look at. I do have a bunch of repainting to do. More touching up the walls and refreshing them but I hope to repaint a dresser in our bedroom.That project will be a complete makeover since I need new hardware .I also would love to do an accent wall behind it.Life just seems so busy for us right now.The family has grown in size and with that comes more family functions,birthday parties,etc.Hopefully I can get the house in great shape before summer!!Just thought I would drop in to say HI!!!! Hope everyone is having a great Spring!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Baby Finn

I haven't written on my blog in awhile.Time is flying by!!! Maybe some of you know by now but if not we are grandparents again!!! Baby Finn was born on Feb.11,2015 to our daughter Paloma and her fiancé Jake.I was blessed to be present when the baby was born!!Baby Finn weighed 8 lbs and 1oz.e was 20 1/2 inches long and was born at 4:21pm.Here are photos of a photo shoot I took of baby Finn

Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentines Day Candles

Hi everyone.I did a DIY soy candle making video on youtube.I show how to make a fragrance candle and a essential oil candle. Hope you enjoy it and make some for yourself.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Julian's 13th Birthday!!!!

Julian's Lego stop motion youtube channel My baby is growing up!!!! So hard to believe but he is growing into a very talented artist!!! He has his own Youtube channel and makes these movies! He also helps me edit my videos.I am really proud of the young man he has turned into.He was my easiest baby all around,from his delivery to just about everything.We became a complete family since his birth:) For his birthday Julian requested that he would like to open some wrapped presents and also would like to pick out his own presents.He is like his mom,lol! So we woke up and he opened his gifts before Dad went to work and then the boys and I went to pick up Jacob .Julian wanted Taco Bell for lunch and so we went:) It was his lucky day because after we ordered the worker gave us all FREE large drinks if I filled out a survey.We were pumped,lol!!! After lunch he wanted to go to GameStop which is a video game store.I kind of browsed at Ulta and Sephora which were right next door then we ended up at Target.He was in heaven!!!He scored a large stash of games!In the evening we had his birthday cake and we ordered pizza from Toppers(thats what he wanted) I had to drive to the next town to pick it up since his brother called the wrong pizza place and they wouldn't deliver.Bummer,but it was a happy day on the end!!!!!! Love you Jules!!!!!