Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

more photos

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage baby shower part 2

I posted some photos yesterday and now I have more to post!!!!!! We had a blast playing a few games with the guests and we tried to be creative since this was a coed shower!!!!! Our first game was literally an ice breaker!!!! We placed little babies in dixie cups(we put water to cover babies and froze them ahead of time) and who evers baby melted first was the winner.It is called the water bag game.It really made people laugh so it was a good start to the party!!!!! Here are more photos.

I don't know how to edit the possessed look in my eye in the photo!!!! LOL .I think it was someone else flash reflected in my eye. The details of my outfit: Blue ruffled dress .I found on clearance at Marshalls for $7.(score) it was past knee length in the front and had a longer train in the back. The beaded sweater was mine and I found it cleaning my kids drawers last week.I think I haven't seen it in at least a year or longer.It matched the dress perfectly!!!!! I bought the headband at Khols .It had a retro look to it( it had a little netting attached) and I also found a leather feathered cuff bracelet there. I also wore black patent leather high heeled boots that I previously had.Probably one of my least expensive dresses that I have ever bought but that looked and felt high end.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage Baby Shower!!!!!

Our daughter's baby shower was yesterday!!!! It was a success!!!!! Our theme was "vintage baby" so I collected items for months. My good friend Maureen came over the day before to help me do the final baking and setting up.

Our daughter Paloma was glowing at her shower.We gave her a crown and banner to wear for the special event.We had a houseful,at one point I was overwhelmed and exhausted but had a great time.In the photos I can tell how tired I was!!!! It was a full day,most of the guests came before 2 pm and then left around 5 and then a second set of Paloma's friends came after 6. We were entertaining past 11:00pm. The house looked great !!!! I tried to take photos of everything before people showed up. Here are the photos.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Antique dresser

This antique dresser has always been a "bathroom dresser" . It is from my hubby's grandmother Beulah's house. It is almost twilight zonish how similar our houses are. They are located in two different states but are about the same age.Grandma sold her home around the time we bought ours.She always had this dresser in the main bathroom on the second floor,although we have had the dresser in different rooms thru out the years it is back in the bathroom!!!! I decided to stain the top of the dresser to help bring it back to its former beauty. I lightly sanded and painted two coats of a walnut stain and after it was dry used a satin sealer. I didn't touch the rest of the dresser but I cleaned it up with oil for wood .I really love how it turned out!!!! Here are photos after I stained it . A while ago I changed the hardware to glass pulls from hobby Lobby. I love how they look and I also made a little curtain.

This this the dresser that I added the venetian mirror on my last post. I really love how the bathroom looks!!!! I am linked to

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Venetian Mirror

When we installed our mirrored sink last April ,we had planned to install a different mirror than the mirror that was already in the bathroom. My vision was to have a venetian mirror. Of course they are super expensive!!!! I found a version of a vintage venetian mirror. I have had this mirror in the box under my bed for a year waiting for the day we would hang it. We decided to keep the original mirror in the bathroom but I thought we could put my new mirror on the opposite wall.So yesterday we tried to hang it and we decided to just use it as a dresser mirror.This mirror could be hung or folded to stand on a dresser. I love how it looks!!!!! I can't believe that I had that beauty in a box under my bed for over a year!!! Here it is in my bathroom on top of an antique dresser that I just refinished .

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Living Room Preview

So we are down to the wire!!!! The baby shower is 5 days away. We took down hubby's huge weight set that has been in our living room.I LOVE how much bigger the room looks.(I really wish we had a separate work out room)We moved my favorite antique Victorian leopard sofa back in this room. I started putting some decorations up because I will have so many errands to run Friday and Saturday.The room still needs more but for now it is looking how I have imagined.Good news I found a very cute dress at Marshall's last week and the best part is that it only cost $7.00 (yes,that is right!!!!) Now I want to splurge on some new boots and accessories!!! Her is a peek at the living room,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The count down

In ten days we are having the baby shower!!!!! It is going by so fast.I have been busy dusting,rearranging,touch up painting,etc.Just when I think I am done I notice I need to dust again(where does it come from?) Last night my daughter,her friend,and her future mother-in -law came over to help me put together the party favors for the shower.It still seems like I have a million little details left to do.Like everyone else in America we are on a tight budget so I have to be creative where the items I am buying come from. I have been lucky to score some cool items for good prices. Also on my list is buying a dress for me.That could be fun but so far all I have found is on line.I am just worried about ordering and not receiving in time. I am going to try and convince my hubby to go with me to this mall in a different town.I might be able to convince(bribe) him to take me since there is a "Five Guys" hamburger place in the shopping center!!!!! It is his favorite.So today I will be doing more cleaning,laundry and praying I find something cute to wear!!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Hope every one has had a Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! We had a very mellow day around here. I found very cool vintage Valentine's paper bags at Hobby Lobby about a month ago.I used the bags to make a decorative box but had enough left over to use today as our treat bags.

We had a little party after our schoolwork was done. We made pink strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting and pink sprinkles.Yum!!!!! Here are photos of our creations.