Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bathroom update!!!!

We bought a gorgeous sink last April(  I have  been waiting a year  for it to be installed). We finally put it in the bathroom!!!! We are doing our bathroom in stages. Last year we installed the claw foot tub but thought we would redo the wall tile eventually and replace the floor. Now we might keep the tile and floor but add some were there isn't tile. After putting in the sink ,I really like the old school floor tiles . Anyway, we changed out our old sink . Well, I am in love with the sink!!!!! I also painted the bathroom  a dark teal color and it made the sink pop. I can't post photos until my hubby finishes working on my laptop. Hopefully this weekend!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have areas in my home that start out bare but I end up making into altars!!! I love candles and as we all know I love to collect things!!! LOL!!!!!The vintage dresser I painted last summer with the buddhas on it has become one of my "altars". I placed a few family photos ,my santo candles,some aromatherapy candles I make,and art work. We can not forget my crystal ball!!!! It is a cozy little corner that I love and makes me smile every time I walk by!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Basement redo!!!!!

 I am working on the basement again!!!!! I am making my former office which became our tool/junk room into my Reiki /meditation room. I have been working with Reiki ( energy healing) since Feb. and now I want a space to give my family /friends treatments. We plan on finishing the ceiling ,adding new lights and repainting. I am thinking of a violet color. I want this room to be very soothing. Today I was cleaning out the room and it is overwhelming!!!! I want to be able to repaint in a couple weeks!!!!!  I also am working on the bedroom that is down there .That room is almost ready to be painted.In that room I added texture to the walls and I am going to paint it an off white with a glaze over it. I am going lighter with the colors because of the lack of light in the basement. I will add photos soon!!!!!!!