Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, January 30, 2009


I am on an "organizing" kick!!! Yesterday I focused my bedroom closet.I have a pretty large closet for an older house but it has a flaw.The door to the closet is not centered so I have a hard time putting my clothes and shoes away.My side is on the further end of the door. Last year we added a light to the closet and what a huge difference that made!!!! I am thinking about opening up the wall and adding double doors.It will be major since we have plaster walls and lathes which equals a lot of mess!!!! I am trying to find unique doors on Craig's list .I guess I have to wait for the doors before we begin!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BAsement bathroom photos!!!!

I wrote about our subway tile in the last post and here are photos.We will probably grout this weekend .I also want to find trim for around the door.The last step will be to paint above the subway tile chocolate brown.It is all in the details then the room will finally be complete!!!!!Also we added the door and door knob!!! That makes a huge difference for privacy!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Projects have started again!!!!!

Since we have been back we have eased our way into finishing up projects from last year!!!! We have installed a door to the basement bathroom,we finally finished the subway tile wall.The only thing left in the basement bathroom is to grout the tile,mud one part of the tile wall and paint the portion above the tile.We also have to trim out the door.later when it warms up again we will change the super old window with a new one. Since we have a low basement height we had to cut part of the door to make it fit!!!! Everything in this house is a challenge,nothing is just bought and installed there is always drama when you think it will be easy!!!!!I will post a few pictures later after I clean off the tile .

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to reality!!!!!

Since coming back from Maui,Hawaii,life has been one car drama after another.Before we left my husbands car had gotten a flat tire on the expressway when we were coming home from a xmas party,The bad news was the rim was bent and no store sells them around here.We then came to realize about three of his rims were shot.Then my minivan just started stalling more and more to the point of only staying on for a second.We managed to get to our neighborhood mechanic ( oh wait daughter used my van and rolled down the window and it couldn't roll up again!!!!!) So while we were gone we were supposed to be having my minivan fixed.When we returned our daughter was supposed to pick us up in our third car but the car did not start!!!! (Below zero weather here in Wisconsin!!!) Great!!!!! Stress starts building right away!!!! We get home and pick up our minivan ,window is fixed but we basically leave putt, putting the same way we came in!!! The mechanic tries to tell us we need a tune up and that will fix "the problem" when before he said we needed a new fuel pump/and a new fuel regulator. We basically found a new mechanic in town and they fixed it in a day!!!! Yeah!!!!! To say we need another vacation is an understatement all our relaxation was drained right out of us the minute we landed in Wisconsin!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Maui!!!!

We are back!!!!!

Trent and I went on the most wonderful vacation!!!! We went to Maui,Hawaii!!!! We went on a yoga retreat but it was more of a Indiana Jones adventure!!!!! We were with a fantastic group of people who I know will stay friends for life!!!! Maui is too magical to even describe!!!! I don't even think my photos can show you the beauty we experienced!!!! We walked on cliff edges to get to secluded beaches.We climbed roots of trees (I felt like we were in "Lord of the Rings").We sat on top of waterfall rocks and meditated (the scariest and probably most dangerous!!!!)For me I overcame personal fears and my husband overcame some as well (he jumped off a cliff into water) He had a small fear of heights!!!! The magic of the island is so beautiful!!!! I now hope to live there one day with my family!!!! Here are photos!!! Enjoy!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

This is going to be a great year!!!!! We have a lot of new projects lined up and still a few from 2008 to complete!!!! Last year was very productive.We tore down a wall and opened up our kitchen.We put up a new fence,built a bathroom ,rewired half of our house with new electric ,we updated our old fuse box to a current circuit breaker box , waterproofed walls in basement, dry walled and insulated basement,made a hang out room (in basement).We tiled behind the wood burning stove as well and added the last piece of chimney pipe to make it code. Almost forgot we put a new screen/storm door(So happy ,I hated the last one it was broken and I wanted to change it for 4 yrs!!!!) I painted too many rooms to remember!!!!! I am excited about 2009.Alot of exciting things are happening and I can't wait to write about it!!!! Happy New Year !!!!!!