Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, September 30, 2010

House photos!!!!

We are not complete but we are almost done with the front and side!!!!! Here is a peek!!!! I LOVE the colors!!!!!  We are going to add cream colored shutters to top windows in the front.Next year we will landscape the front also.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

House painting

We are finally painting the outside of our house again.The weather has been a bit cool here but we need to get this done!!!!! The front of the house is complete with a few touch ups to go and the same with one side of the house. I will paint the trim later today.It looks soooooo much better.I love it!!!!! I am hoping next week we can buy shutters for the front of the house and put them up.That will take our house to a different level as far as curb appeal goes.We are already getting compliments on the outside.Finally our house matches inside and out!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Front porch

I put up the curtains and I love the look and feel they created.Pink has such a pretty glow.It makes me happy when I see a shade I love.Now this porch is by no means complete .The floor needs to be painted and also the ceiling and walls but it is a nice start.See the doors in the photo .Those are my french doors that will going up in the kitchen soon!!!!!!Here is the photo.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Front porch

I have been wanting to decorate our front porch for 6 years now.It has been the spot to put EVERYTHING we do not have a place for any where else.I always clean out and think ,finally I can make it look cute,but then it piles up again. My friend Dawn that gave me the chandelier gave me some pink curtains that she had on her porch.So that is the start of my makeover for  the porch!!!! There aren't enough panels but I am off to hunt some more down,wish me luck!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun Chandelier

My good friend Dawn gave me a really cool chandelier !!! She bought it at a yard sale and had it in her home but she is moving so she gave it to us!!!! I love when I get new treasures.Dawn had it in her hallway when you walk into the house and I thought I would put it their too.That is one of the few spots that hasn't been rewired with new electric so it might be a while before we can hang it.This weekend rained here so we didn't paint the house outside and I am feeling anxious about that project now. I did buy paint for kids bunk beds and I am going to start painting it.The boys room is almost complete.I need to paint one more wall and then just find them new bedding.Here are the chandelier photos

Friday, September 17, 2010


Today I had energy to rearrange our kitchen!!!!! I know exciting ,right!!!! For me it was nice to finally see my kitchen all sparkly including the copper sink!!!! I let it get "rustic" looking and when I have time (or company) I shine it up!!!! I always am amazed how shiny it gets but it is a lot of effort. I like the patina it gets after a while so I get the best of both worlds!!!! I moved the armoire that holds most of our dishes and I added some cute hooks at the side to hang some of my aprons.I am really liking it. Also I am LOVING the bistro markers (chalk) for the chalkboard wall.I am trying to convince my hubby to put up my vintage school chalkboard  in the kitchen again.I really loved it in there.Here are a few photos.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New project!!!!

We decided to build new beds for our two youngest boys.They share a room and I really wanted the look of built in bunk beds.My hubby designed a bunk bed loft for them.It is still evolving but most of it is complete.This room is going to get a new paint color too.Here are photos of our project.(I wasn't the best help my tooth that was pulled was still really bothering me ,we had the boys help and our good friend Larry helped out too!!!)

Friday, September 3, 2010


I posted a dresser that I painted with the buddha stencil. Even though it looked cool it wasn't finished.I had bought a small stencil for the top drawer but "lost" it in our house somewhere. So I bought a different one and I like this one much better. It is the perfect compliment for the buddhas.Now it is complete!!!!! Here are photos...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wisdom tooth

I had to have a wisdom tooth pulled.It was pulled yesterday and it definitely hurt more than I thought!!!!! Today my jaw is hurting .It feels like someone punched me in my face!!!! Luckily the swelling went down .I have to run to the store to buy a few groceries and thank god I don't look like a chipmunk anymore!!!!! That's how I looked yesterday. I hope I feel better by this weekend.We are buying more paint to finally finish painting the house!!!!! The day before I had the tooth pulled we had to tear apart our old fence and tie it into bundles so our city garbage would take it away.Some of the fence pieces we had replaced years ago but never threw them out.I am happy to say it is all gone!!!!! I have a yard that looks like a yard for the first time in a long time!!!!!