Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cold again!!!!!!

It is cold again here in Wisconsin!!!!!! I am bundled up catching up on my blog!!!!!! I have still been on my de-cluttering mission!!!!!! I cleaned out the lockers this week and the  book shelf in the dining room. That part looks good but now the dining room table is full of stuff again!!!! I ordered some vintage inspired light fixtures that are pendant style for the kitchen .The box is on the dining room table waiting until we have time to install !!!!! We will have to rent some scaffolding since our ceiling is so high ,so not sure when we can do this. I am hoping the sooner the better!!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring weather

Well it is official we had a bulk garbage pickup this Wed. Although we didn't get rid of everything I wanted ,we did purge a lot!!!!!! I am still going around the house and organizing and throwing things out!!!! I really want our house to be organized and know there is a place for everything!!!!! Today we had perfect weather and took our first walk to the lake . It reminded me why we chose our home ,we are only a few blocks from Lake Michigan!!!!!! In winter it is easy to forget that we are that close unless we get the lake effect snow!!!LOL!!!! I am also excited that my diet is working!!! Yeah!!!! Although I did eat some off the diet food today I am still on track.(Hey, I burned off a lot of calories walking!!!)I have been really good during the week sticking to the diet but had company yesterday so it is a challenge when everyone else eats whatever they want.  I am just taking the attitude that even if I have a little bit off the plan I basically follow it 98%.Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cleaning inside and out!!!!

This week I started a new diet!!!! I am feeling great!!! It is the HCG diet.I am on the homeopathic drops. I lost a few pounds already.I am also starting my spring cleaning !!!! I am hoping to clean out my basement and garage . The basement is getting a makeover. We are transitioning the rooms into more useful space. It is a never ending process, clearing the clutter. My boys have been taking their extra "stuff" to the basement so we need to sort it all out. I have my office down there so I have been clearing out old papers,the toys they dumped in my office spot,etc. I can't wait until the next phase ,the painting!!!! That is always my favorite part!!!! I love picking out the colors. I am thinking creamy white to brighten the basement and maybe one of the rooms a light lavender. I love color but in this space we are lacking sunlight so creamy white will open the space,  but I am sure I will sneak in some pink in there somewhere!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


 It has been a very busy birthday month here at my house. We had Julian's party in Feb. and at the end of the month it was my birthday!!!!! My daughter Paloma made me a Hello Kitty cake!!!! I LOVE Hello Kitty !!!!!! It was an awesome gift!!!!! I also received fabulous presents from my hubby and boys!!!!
   Our daughter Paloma had a birthday a few days after mine.She turned 20!!!!!WoW!!!! Time has really flown by!!!!!! The boys and I made cupcakes for her and we are finally going out for a family dinner tomorrow night to celebrate!!!!!