Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bathroom update

We have slowly been working on the bathroom on weekends and days off. To say it's been a challenge is an understatement. Our house being almost 120 years old makes everything difficult. The floor is not level and we tried leveling it many times.We finally got it as close to level as we could and I finally tiled the floor.I wanted marble floor tiles but it wasn't in the budget. We found a porcelain tile that looked like honed marble and I fell in love with it.Hubby liked the look and the price too.So this week we layed down the tile.Hubby cut the tile and I laid it down.It was definitely not easy but we kept going and it was finally finished.The next day we decided to tile the shower.We originally bought a shower enclosure kit. I really didn't like the idea of the shower kit but now they sell one with glass doors and I finally gave in. The glass doors are really nice and look more expensive than we spent. My hubby talked to a contractor friend of ours and he told him we could use our glass door from the kit but add tile to the walls instead of using the plastic that it came with so that is what we did.We chose a classic white subway tile. The boys tiled about half of the shower Monday and Hubby and I finished the rest on Tuesday.Yesterday I grouted the floor and the niches in the shower.Today I'm going to grout the shower. Here are photos of the bathroom so far.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Main Floor Bathroom

We are finally building a bathroom on the main floor!!!! we actually started a few months ago but we have been so busy that I have not posted. We had been thinking about adding a powder room on the main level for guests since we have the main bathroom on the second floor.I really hated people having to go upstairs to use the bathroom and it was difficult for older people to climb the stairs. We figured out the space we would use for the bathroom.We would use two closets next to each other and a few feet from our dining room. The first closet we used was the entrance closet. It was a very long narrow closet and then there was a closet in the dining room ( which used to be an old bedroom originally).The dining room closet was also under our staircase. This powder room evolved into a full bathroom with the addition of a shower. Our upstairs bathroom only has a clawfoot bathtub so everyone wanted A shower. This addition of a shower complicated our design. It took longer to figure out positioning of everything but somehow once we knocked out walls and opened up the wall under the stairs we gained more head room and the space opened up magically!