Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Studding basement walls!!!

Last night we went to our favorite store "Menards" .We bought 32 2x4's to start studding the basement walls.I am sure we will have to go back for more .I can't wait to start and finish this project. It will mean more living space for the family.Mostly the kids!!!! I am hoping having this hang out spot will help keep the upstairs cleaner!!!!!! i have become a neat freak because I have clients coming over every weekend and some times during the week.I am tired of cleaning for 1 1/2 hours before to make the house perfect!!!! That is my only challenge about working from home!!!! I will take some before photos and post later today.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Circuit Breaker update!!!!

This Monday we updated our electric box.Yeah!!! We hired an electrician who works for my brother in law. Our box was ancient to say the least!!!! We had old fuses that you had to buy and plug in. They are a pain you know where!!!! There were many times we had to run out and buy more fuses and couldn't find them at stores nearby!!! I am glad to see them gone!!!!! I have pictures but can not find my camera cord so as soon as I find it I will post pictures.Other updates are: Trent installed more outlets in the basement ,the bathroom walls are in (we just have to tape and mud and tile one half wall)I am working on painting a second coat on two walls in the bathroom that we have left the original brick/stone. That is what has been done this week !!!!! We usually start working on the house on Sundays,Mondays and Tues in between homeschooling the kids!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still working!!!!

We have been very busy the past few weekends.My husband and I installed the walls in the basement bathroom.We both work during the weekend so we did most of our work when we were finished and then on Mondays and Tuesdays(his days off).He hurt his ribs when he fell off a small motorcycle two weekends ago so I have helped a little more than usual!!!! Today I opened up a basement window that was nailed shut (w/ plywood and covered over by some funky fake stone insulation.) It was a pain to do but now that we are working in the basement I need to see!!! It was so dark down there!!!! The spot where the window is , will become a hang out room/playroom. Since I can't find my camera at the moment I can't show any pictures !!! I will post when I find it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chimney complete!!!!!

Today was a very exciting day for us!!!! We hired someone to put the last piece of chimney pipe on our chimney!!!!! We have been asking different people for 2 years now and no one wanted to get on the roof and take the job. Hubby found a handy man on Craigslist and he came over, looked at the chimney and said it would be no problem. Today was the day it went up!!!!! It looks great!!!! He also attached brackets to the roof and to the chimney so it is extra secure!!!!! It is a great relief to us since now we have completed the tile wall and the chimney is officially code. Now all we need is to stock up on wood for our cold Wisconsin winter!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Small peek!!!

We have been working really hard on our basement bathroom!!! It is not done but it is functioning.The toilet is connected and so is the bathtub!!!!!! Yesterday I let my two youngest take a bath as they were excited to try it out!!!! I made a bubble bath for them and with the spout the water came out super bubbly!!!! We bought a temporary water faucet/spout for now.I want the faucet with the hand held shower spray(telephone handle).This tub was my Mother's day present 2 yrs ago. I painted it pink since this was supposed to be "my bathroom" The claw feet are silver. It has turned into the kids bathroom.My teenage daughter has a room down there so she says it is "her" bathroom.This weekend I am going to finish tiling the part of the floor that didn't get done last weekend.This is a photo of the tub.I am going to paint the wall behind the tub a chocolate brown.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Other side!!!!

Here is the view from the other side of our new "family" room.It has been really cozy in here!!! The kids are coloring again on our vintage chalkboard.Before the dining room table was in the way so we just basically looked at the chalkboard.We started school again and we only received part of our materials from the company that ships our supplies, so we haven't done an abundance of work.i am exhausted from working on our bathroom in the basement.We installed the clawfoot tub Sunday.I still need to finish tiling the floor.The floor is not level at all and it is a challenge tile .