Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning Part 2

So I finally got around to deep cleaning my dressing room. I love my little space that is completely my own!!!! My hubby would say that the whole house is mine but this is the one place no one else can mess up but me!!!!! In winter this room is the coldest spot and this year I found a little space heater /fireplace that is perfect.I noticed that I have spending more and more time in there ,lol. Last year my hubby bought me a pink makeup cube to store my makeup.I have been collecting new items and it is such an awesome storage system.I mostly put my higher end makeup in there and I use my other pink storage drawers for my drugstore makeup. I love all brands Chanel,YSL,Jane Irdale,Loreal and Wet and Wild(to name a few).I don't discriminate.That said it is a challenge to store and organize.So today I went through every drawer and reorganized. I love makeup and I go through phases of wearing it and not wearing it.I finally realized what it is that I love about it.It is a ritual for me ,sacred time to take care of myself.I feel better and feel more put together when I have makeup on.I notice people react different to me when I have it on.Don't get me wrong I still feel beautiful when I am not wearing it.I like how I look naturally.I am lucky to have good skin.I just appreciate the time for myself when I make an effort to 'beautify". I have also love to try new beauty products and I have to say technology just gets better and better.There are so many primers,powders,lotions and potions that I am learning about so it has been fun to experiment.Any way ,back to cleaning.I spent a few hours dusting,wiping,vacuuming and rearranging.Now it is shiny and perfect just how I like it!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Cleaning!!!!!!

So finally I am getting in the mood to spring clean!!!! Where we live it is not spring like weather, but I am feeling the need to deep clean!!!! My bedroom is a catch all for everything from the rest of the house.Especially on Saturdays since we work out of the house that day.I find myself shoving laundry baskets and anything else I want to hide in our room. Not cool but I usually start getting everything out again during the week. Today was the day that I started to clean my side and organize my dresser(the top) and my nightstand.I am a product junkie to say the least!!!! I love beauty products and since I am in the beauty business ,I tend to buy a lot.I also am addicted to youtube and start buying products that have good reviews.Alot of my skin products are also from where my husband works.For valentine's Day hubby gave me Emminence skin care products which I love and also some makeup!!!! He usually has the girls where he works pick them out. Love all my products!!!!! But with that said ,my dresser was starting to feel cluttered. I am lucky to have a separate dressing room(which is connected to our room)so I mostly put my makeup in there.But I noticed that the night time skin care products needed to be closer to me where I can see them or I forget to put them on. I am now at the lovely time in my life that I should put on night cream,eye cream,etc!!!! LOL!!!! I try but I don't always succeed.I also love vintage items which also add to my clutter.As an artist I need to surround myself with beauty(the things that I find pretty).I also like order so as long as I have my things organized I am fine but then life happens and my room starts to feel like chaos. I wiped down my dresser and rearranged my"stuff" and now it feels better.I still have my dressing room to spring clean but that will have to wait until another day.Here are the photos of my room.