Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I haven't blogged because I have been recouping from a cold?virus? On our way to north Carolina I felt I was coming down with something and the boys had a cold so we have been miserable!!!!! I thought it was going to be a quick recovery but it has lingered in our house. Today I finally feel better so hopefully I will get better and better!!!!! I put my porch project on hold since it has been cold and rainy here in Wisconsin. I am hoping this weekend will clear up so I can finally get it done!!!!! I hate that it is a part of the house I see everyday and it looks half complete.So let's pray for sunshine!!!!! I still have the vision of my porch swing and want to put it up before it is too cold to even sit on the porch also I want to have it complete to decorate for Halloween. Hope everyone is healthy and happy!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My new treasure!!!

Well, we just got back from a quick road trip to Asheville, North Carolina. It is such a beautiful drive through the mountains!!!!! My husband attended a seminar and I hung out with the kids. Unfortunately the kids and I were sick with really bad colds so we mostly laid around. When we went out for dinner we happened to see a TJ MAxx. I begged and pleaded (jk) with hubby to let me run in to buy new headphones for the trip. Of course once I was in the store I had to do a quick walk thru!!!!! I found a very cool mannequin/dressform and wanted to buy so bad. Realistically we didn't have the room in the car to drive all the way home with the mannequin /dressform so hubby suggested I check out the one near where we live. Once we got home I dragged him to the store to search for my dress form. When we got to the store I didn't see any so I was really bummed out but finally I saw some being used as a display. The dress form was for sale!!!!!! So I claimed it ,paid for it and took it home!!!!!! I am selling clothes on ebay for my sister so this is perfect and it is my favorite color pink!!!! They did have a linen/burlap one which I might go back and get but for now this is perfect!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Living in a 113 year old house

One of the many things I have learned from living in an old old house is patience!!!!!! We live in a society that wants everything NOW ,but the reality is some things take time. I have grown as a person in that regard. I am the first to admit I would like things finished faster in this house but sometimes the funds are not available.I have a half painted front porch (need to buy more paint) and as much as it drives me crazy to see it when I walk out my front door , I take a deep breath and say to myself ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD!!!! I know it will get done before it is too cold to sit out there.There is satisfaction when a project or goal is accomplished little or big. I LOVE scratching things off my list as projects are completed!!!!! We had been talking about adding driveway gates for a few years now and the end is in sight!!!! We have all the material, now we just need the time to complete!!!! I remind myself daily that I am living one of my dreams (living near the lake in a victorian house!!!!(No,it's not the Queen Ann Victorian with the wrap around porch but I know one day we will be living in one!!!!!)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Miracles happen!!!!!

We have had a few cars on our property that were not in working condition. They were taking up space and we finally sold the one that was in our driveway for two years!!!!!! We are beyond happy to say the least.The one from the garage was given to a family member to use and they came and fixed it, and drove it to their home:) The person that bought the car from driveway, is a young mechanic who seemed excited about fixing it up so it is a win win for everyone!!!!! I follow Feng Shui (or at least try) and in this old chinese tradition it says that your surroundings effect your life. Broken down cars = bad fang shui!!!!!! Our family has been through some rough stuff the past few years and I am now feeling like our luck is turning around!!!!!! Now that we have the two cars gone we started putting up our outside fence and we will be adding a driveway gate. I am excited for many reasons,we have more privacy from neighbors now and we will have an enclosed yard.Most importantly we have good feng shui!!!!! As a side note both cars were gone within the same week !!!!! That is a miracle!!!!!!