Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pantry lighting/anniversary weekend

This was our anniversary weekend(15 years).We were lucky enough to go away for a night by ourselves and it was so nice to getaway!!! We stayed at a Sheraton hotel that was so beautifully decorated in a modern way.We loved it.It is a contrast to our style at home which is antiques/eccletic with a little bit of modern thrown in,lol! So the hotel was in Northbrook ,Il which is about 45 min away so we weren't too far.It was in a really cool part that had a nature preserve prairie by it.we took a walk on the nature preserve and I would love to bring the boys there.It was beautiful! When we got to the hotel I spotted a shopping center across the street and there was a Homegoods store.It was huge and I convinced Trent to take me there. OMG,I was in heaven!!! They had the most beautiful house decor.It was a little overwhelming but I focused on finding somethings that were on my list to buy.I have the 3 tiered cake stand (in my room) from Opuluent Treasures and I noticed they had cake stands,candle holders,etc.from that brand so I bought a mini cake stand for my dressing room and a candle holder for my living room.It was seriously hard to walk away with only two items!! They had the most beautiful pillows there but with Yoshi chewing everything up I didn't purchase any. When we got back home we went to Menards and Lowes to look for siding for the pantry and hardwood floors. We ended up not buying any yet but we decided which styles we would purchase probably next week.Trent had already wired most of the electric for the pantry so I asked him to install the light.Originally we were going to change the dining room light and use the dining room fixture for the porch.When he took off the dining room fixture he didn't think it would work in the pantry. I don't know if I wrote about the mercury pendant lights I bought 3 years ago but I bought them on sale (2 different sets) and they have been in my basement waiting for the perfect spot.I showed these to Trent before but he didn't think they would work so I was surprised when he told me to get my mercury lights for the pantry. My heart skipped a beat with joy that they would be used!!! He installed them yesterday and all of us were so excited to see them up and working. This porch was added on some time prior but there was never any light source.We have been here at this house now 10 years!!! Crazy,right!?! We were all like how did we live without a light before? Ha,so Progress is being made. Here are photos…..

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pantry photos

We didn't work on our pantry this week.We were just too busy.Although, so far the electrical wiring is in and the subfloor is almost finished.We decided to tear off the ceiling and will have a vaulted ceiling like in the kitchen.Hopefully this weekend we can start drywalling the ceiling and install a light fixture. While browsing Lowell's this weekend I stumbled upon a very large chandelier that was totally awesome for the price of $35.It was on mega sale.I convinced hubby that we could use the light fixture from the dining room which if really small (for the pantry)and buy the huge chandelier for the dining room.He agreed and I can't wait to install and show you guys.I was so happy I found it!!!!! My other special bargain find was a vintage sofa from a thrift store for $40.It reminded me of the blue sofa I had before that ended up breaking but this one isn't as ornate.It was in mint condition but just yesterday Yoshi chewed a hole in it!!!! I was so upset but I was planning on reupholstering it eventually.I covered up the spot he chewed up so it is still functional.My plan is to reupholster it in raspberry pink velvet.I will probably wait two years until he is totally trained.Here are a few photos!!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pantry Progress

We have been working on the pantry on weekends and as usual it is a bigger project than I envisioned.We had to basically tear out the floor and floor joists.Hubby Trent then rebuilt the floor supports,leveled the new floor, weatherproofed ,insulated and put down ply-board.It was so funny to hear the kids all say ,"wow the floor is so sturdy"! Yeah,I was afraid one day someone would fall through the floor. That is life in a 100 plus year old house!!! Trent also decided to open up the ceiling so it would be more open and it will visually match our kitchen ceiling.I don't know why I am surprised but I always am when you see how much bigger a room feels when you open up the ceiling.It is crazy.The ceiling is what we worked on this weekend.Trent also installed electric to the new pantry which was another nightmare task.So hopefully we will insulate the ceiling and start the drywall process (of the ceiling).I will add some photos later for some reason they are not uploading. :(