Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring break

This week has been my kids spring break. We have basically done nothing!!!!! A few days were nice so the kids went outside then yesterday it snowed .I am soooo tired of this weather!!!!It makes you feel depressed!!!! I have tried to rest and not worry about the house.This week Oprah had a rerun on an episode of hording.I posted about it before.Now when you watch that show you instantly want to start de-cluttering your home.So,I was like, oh no here we go again!!! When I went downstairs to start the cleaning ,I was pleasantly surprised.I finally felt like we already had de-cluttered.Our house is actually clean!!!!!! Now if I can only get rid of the plaster and dry wall dust that keeps appearing everyday(lol)!!!

Spring break

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The list

Last night my hubby and I were talking and decided to put a list together of the projects we need to start and finish this year.It was really fun looking at the calender and "committing" to a date. Our list goes like this.... 1.put up vintage chalkboard(it weighs like over 100 lbs)in dining room/finish waterproofing the wall in basement (finish by March 30 ). 2. Redo the sanding on kitchen wall(a corner) (finish by April 6). Tile the back of wood burning stove and build a platform for our gas wood burning stove in kitchen (end April 13) 3.Install gas stove (end April 21) 4.Build the Arbor/garden gate and change a few panels of the wood fence ( End May 11) I can't wait for this one!!!!! I hate our fence!!!!! 4.Finish the basement bathroom we started last year!!!!( end June 4) and finally start and finish our master bathroom. (end July 7) Seeing written down is very motivating!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter cleaning

Yesterday,I was home by myself and it was blissful.My husband took the kids to his dads house. Our car that would fit all of us was on the verge of dieing out (actually today I went to start it and it wouldn't start). So I stayed home.I basically did laundry and cleaned and then rested. Then I got inspired to move my aromatherapy cabinet into the kitchen.I cleaned it out painted the inside pink and tried to organize.I make soy candles and natural bath products but really haven't made anything since working on the house.I want to get my business going again,so I thought if it was in the kitchen it would be easier to start!!!!!! Here are pictures of my kitchen and my cabinet.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finished for now

Here are pictures of the finished new doorway.I still need to re-sand a small section.I also have a few paint touch ups.I bought new curtains for the dining room.The room reminds me of a little jewel box.I saw some pretty curtain rods and I will be buying them next week.A little bling for the windows.I am so happy this project is done.The house really feels bigger with the wall opened up.It is amazing.I am a little sad we didn't use the french doors but Trent said we could use them in our bedroom when we build the sunroom.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am sooooo worn out.We are having the appraisal tomorrow and I have been cleaning and painting ALL day.I still have to mop the kitchen floor and some other small details.It is just about 9 pm and I have been doing things to the house since about 9am.The plaster and dry wall dust was every where even though i put up plastic to block the rest of the house.I hope after all this our house is actually worth more!!!!!It will be interesting to see.Well,I have to finish up!!!! Wish us luck!!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back to work

Trent and I have been going to clients houses to do their hair and now we need to get back to work on our house.Trent will cut out the broken tile and then replace it with new floor tile.I will finish painting in the dining room and the kitchen wall.First I need a cup of coffee!!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Since we broke open the wall we discovered we were approved for a refinancing loan . Great news for us but now we have a home appraisal this coming Thursday.We are on EMERGENCY mode to get our house in order. Trent built a header for the wall which was a supporting wall.We dry walled and then Trent had to go back to work so my son and I were left to mud and sand the walls.I have never taped or sanded before..This was another first for me.. Besides all that I have been scraping paint outside and priming spots that were chipping.. Our loan guy said no chipping paint!!!! We also have clients that were already scheduled so last night me and the kids cleaned so our house looked presentable.This was supposed to be a fun exciting project but as usual now we are stressed because of this loan, Here are a few more pictures.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Breaking open the wall

Well,it has been very hectic this last weekend.My hubby decided to break open the wall from the dining room into the kitchen.This is how we work ,spur of the moment.So we break open the wall (oh yeah we had a birthday party planned for two of the kids the next day!!!) Well,it was almost an all nighter. Also i had to be at Walmart the next morning(at 7am) to buy my 6 year old his video game that was just released.To say I was tired was an understatement, at about 12 am Trent said "I think we are supposed to put the clock ahead today".I wanted to cry!!!!!! Here are pictures of the dining room and kitchen demo.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Painting done(for now!!!!)

I am all painted out.But one room leads to another and another and so it goes!!!!!! I actually have to buy more green paint for the living room (I know I have some somewhere but can't find it}I just have touch up spots where little finger prints are .}I also am THINKING about painting my red dining room blue.I think when my new French doors are in it might transition better from the dining room into the kitchen (which is a sage color)Also I bought the tile for in back of the wood burning stove and it is a bluish gray.I probably will wait to paint until the wall is opened up because of the dust.So that is all that is going on.Today I will work on clients and then grocery shop for a birthday party we are having here for My youngest son(who actually turned 6 in Jan. and My daughter who turned 17 last Sunday) With all the snow my husband thought it better to combine the parties so family wouldn't have to keep driving from Chicago and Indiana.Of course it is snowing today but hopefully it won't be a snow blizzard!!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More painting!!!!

I have been painting ,painting and more painting!!!! I came back from vacation ready to start on the house again.I repainted a hallway ,a stairway ,the space between the stairs,and also a ceiling in the living room.The hallway I painted the a color similiar to what was there.The previous owner had painted it and I liked it so kept it.(Also I do not know how they reached the stairway wall at the highest point-would have to hire someone to repaint!!!)I darkened the color between the steps on the stairs.(In the summer I will re-stain the actual steps)I painted the ceiling in the living room.I also glazed the ceiling with a gold glaze,.all I have left to paint is the white molding.I think I will attempt it tomorrow though.I saw a Murano glass chandelier and I think I am going to buy it for the Living room.That and a new couch and I should be done with another room.