Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Yesterday was our anniversary. We had a small intimate wedding in LA,California 8 years ago. My husband had to work but managed to get home at a decent hour.I played dress-up and even had a photo shoot.Ok,my daughter Paloma took pictures of me while I waited for hubby to get home.We went out for Sushi and had a fabulous time!!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Master bedroom

I repainted our bedroom.This is the third time in almost 3 years.I had painted it a lighter purple(the second time a few months ago) but my hubby hated it.I think at night it looked too bright,so I found a different shade of purple called "orchid".I bought it at Restoration Hardware.I had never used their paint before but I have to say it was very good quality.I paint a lot so I was surprised how much I liked it.Here is a peek at our bedroom.We still have to do something about our wood floors but that is another story!!!!!! I know what you are thinking,this girl sure likes color!!! Yes, I am an artist and a haircolorist by day!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yoga room

Today it is official our living room is now the "yoga room"!!!!! I finished painting the trim ( about 7 months ago I painted the walls!!!!)I probably could touch up a few spots where the kids touched the walls.When I put my yoga mat down to stretch my dog
Scruffy decided he would lay down on my mat.This is probably why I haven't attempted to practice yoga!!!!!

Throwing out the couch!!!!!1

Call me crazy!!! Yes,I am a little!!!!! I threw out our only couch yesterday!!!!! It was cute but I have visions of a leather sofa.I saw one at Restoration Hardware and you know what that is very expensive!!!!!!! For now our living room will be our"yoga room".It should motivate my husband and myself back into the practice of yoga.WE had a yoga business 5 years ago in Chicago and since moving to Wi. almost 3 years ago we have almost stopped practicing.Our life has been all about hair and doing things for other people.This should bring us back to ourselves and our inner journey of peace. OM,Peace,Amen

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big Birthday!!!!

This weekend we celebrated my oldest son's 18th birthday.It is hard to believe that he is already that age!!!!! It is even harder to believe he is the age I was when I was pregnant with him.Now I understand why everyone stared at me back then!!!!! I looked alot younger than my age. The party was small and intimate.We had it mostly outside and the weather was perfect.I bought a new wrought iron victorian settee and small table with chairs to put outside (I have been wanting it for at least 2 years).The outside patio area is starting to come along.I have been looking for a wrought iron gate to put in that side of the house to make it more private.As soon as hubby sets up his software for my computer I can start putting pictures again!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back on track!!!!

I have a section on the side of our house that was peeling and very obvious.Every time I pulled up to the house I cringed!!!!! I started scraping the loose paint off to prep it to paint.That was so much work.I had my teenage daughter help and then a friend and neighbor asked if she could help.We scraped in 90 degree weather (not a great idea) but I really just wanted to finish some job I started.I probably could of scraped more but with the weather I thought it was good enough. I primed it with kilz2 and oh my god what a difference!!!!! I can pull up to the house and smile!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Still Unmotivated

I haven't been up to much, as far as the house goes.All I do is clean ,clean,and clean!!!! I have started having dreams my clients will show up early or on a different day than was scheduled(both have happened)So nothing else has been accomplished.The bathroom was forgotten about.Phase 2 was putting in the tile floor.Hopefully hubby will
want to start it.This weekend we had a guest over so we showed my husband's brother around our little city.The best part of living here is how close we are to Lake Michigan.