Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, January 19, 2007

vintage stove

I am picking up a vintage stove tomorrow!!!!! I am sooooooooooo excited!!!!! I have been wanting one for at least 8 yrs.I have been cutting out pictures for my dream book every time I see a cool stove.Now I will finally have one. I ALMOST had one 2 1/2 years
ago but we never were able to coordinate a pick up.IT was my husband's grandmas old stove and she moved out of the house and the new owners said we could pick it up,but the one attempt failed.Anyway,I told a client about my wanting my husband's grandmas stove and she said if it didn't work out(picking it up) she had a vintage stove in her garage that didn't match her kitchen,and I could have it.YEAH!!!!! I told her to email me some pictures and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! It is a similiar green that I have in the kitchen.Here is the picture she emailed me and a picture from my kitchen.They are a similiar green!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My baby turns 5

Today was the day I gave birth to my son Julian!!!!! He is my fourth child.He will always be considered the"BABY" even though I see a little boy now.He is such a sweet boy and we are lucky to have him.I am here at home with my oldest son who is 17 yrs old and my youngest and it is hard to believe that I have 4 kids.It makes for an interesting life.I started having kids early so I am a young mom.I feel relly blessed to have a family.I am still trying to get my career going ,make a home,etc. This blog is a journal of the progress of our first home that we own!!!!!!!! This is a dream come true.I always wanted my own house for my children to grow up in and have great experiences and memories.I am also addicted to decorating and looking up how other people are fixing up their houses. It will be interesting to look back on our first house and see our progress.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Getting back on track

I started painting the living room the week after christmas and needless to say I still have to finish.I need more paint,also I need to take the tree down to paint the last corner.Taking the tree down is so boring!!! All the excitement of putting it up is sssoooooo not there when it is time to take it down!!!!!!I still have to make my goals for the year.They have been rattling around in my brain and now I have to commit it to paper.I really believe in goal setting.Sometimes they don't happen the way you thought but alot of them have a way of manifesting!!!!!!!! I also have alot of goals for the house but I will try not to stress too much.We almost have my daughters room ready to go.We are redoing our basement.We need to start the bathroom(in basement) ASAP!!!!! Our house has only 1 bathroom and we have 6 people. Here are some pictures of the living room makeover(before and during)

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!!! Happy New Year!!! We had a great time on new years eve!!!! I have been working on some new projects around the house.On the spur of the moment I decided to start painting the living room.WE had been working on our dining room(w/ the wood burning stove) and it looked so much better than the living room that I Needed to do something.Let's see I really should have worked on the kitchen since I still have to finish painting in there. Anyway,the living room is almost done.I still have to paint the wall behind the xmas tree. I will post pictures tomorrow. My list for 2007 for the house goes like this: 1.finish tile wall in the dining room
2.finish painting living room 3.Finish painting the kitchen 4.install bathroom in the basement 5.update electric/put in more outlets 6.change fence around house 7.add an upper deck or sunroom outside of our bedroom 8.repaint bedrooms etc. 9.possibly start
replacing cracked windows(this should be at the begining of our list)10.drywall in the garage(we want to convert to a room for hubby to hang out) That is all for now hopefully we can do that and more.Last year we did alot-tore out a ceiling that had a hole in it,we put up a tin ceiling,we water proofed the basement,started putting up a new fence,painted alot!!!!!! The biggest addition was adding a soapstone wood burning stove and chimney,we also created the flagstone rock flooring underneath.I am sure we did more but I can't think of it at the moment. Now I am feeling overwhelmed thinking of what we still have left!!!! Happy Newyear everyone and happy renovating!!!!