Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Laundry Room

So as I was "fluffing the nest" yesterday ,

I decided to spruce up the laundry room. Now remember this is a 114 year old house(amazing right?)so I do not have a cute room for laundry.Ours is in the basement and it doubles as our shampoo room when we do hair clients .This year we built the stand for our new front loader washing machine and I really love it.Now I can quickly hide dirty laundry in the baskets when I have company!!!! We have cement walls mostly in the basement so that makes it hard to hang items.I added vintage wash signs on a window ledge for fun. I still need to re-paint the floor ( I have painted this floor a million times) but added a rug by the washing machine stand/platform. I found this laundry cart on Craig's list a few years ago and brought it back in the laundry room.It has been used to store toys previously.( I actually have two carts). I basically dump all the laundry in there and then sort the clothes.My hubby hung up my vintage chalkboard that was from a school(it weighs at least 100 lbs)on the wall and I love it here.I have had this in my kitchen originally but then moved it since we opened up the wall in the kitchen. Sometimes hubby thinks I collect junk ( he didn't like the chalkboard) but I found a vintage chalkboard on line and showed him what it was worth( about $2000) so he doesn't mind it so much now. I also showed him that chalkboards are all the rage in decorating now( I have had mine for years). I added some cute reproduction vintage hankies with clothes pins to the chalkboard and I love how it looks . I still need to find some cute baskets to put on the bench. So here it is so far.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fluffing the nest

Today is a dark and rainy day.It is a good day to "fluff the nest"!!!!! I am going to rearrange hubby's shelves for him.I found more matching baskets from Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago so it will contain more of the stuff that makes it cluttered. I keep putting his vitamins in the baskets and he keeps pulling them out,lol!!!!! My dresser will be de-cluttered too. I don't know how it accumulates items.I washed my comforter yesterday so that will go back on the bed.I am sorry to say it turned cold here again!!! I bought a lovely cotton white lace dress for easter so I hope the cold spell won't last long. Time to get started "fluffing"!!!!!! Have a great day!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day trip

Yesterday we made a trip to Chicago to visit my dad and hang out with my family. I decided to bring my little dog Lola with us .She is a pretty good dog to bring places.I have a cute bag that a friend gave me to carry her in so I used it for the first time!!!! My dad has Lola's sister and she is twice Lolas size so I wanted to take photos of them together which was a challenge!!!!

Here are photos of our day.
My outfit:leopard skinny jeans from Target.I wore leopard pony fur wedges (bought at Marshalls last summer) Lola is wearing a pink doggie hoodie.

I am linked withvthe pleated poppy blog

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring cleaning

It has been unusually warm here in Wisconsin the past week!!!! I just did a post on my leopard coat find(score) but now it is too warm to wear.It's ok I will have it in fall!!!!! Although our weather changes fast so it could become cold again next week, one never knows. I have been starting my spring cleaning routine.Basically I am getting rid of clutter,washing everything,and starting to do yard work.Last year we did a lot outside with the painting of the house and garage. We put up our fence and driveway gate(love it).I planted tulip bulbs in the fall along the driveway gate and am happy to see they are actually starting to come up.I thought the squirrels dug them up in the fall but luckily some survived. I have a lot of plans for projects coming up for the outside.We still have one last section of the fence to replace.I can't wait for that!!!!! I don't like seeing the neighbors behind our house and it will give us privacy, I plan on staining the driveway gate in the front and the fence in the front section.It will look more finished and match the house. I also am excited o plant more flowers.Because of our unusual weather I may actually plant flowers early this year!!!! Today it is rainy and gloomy outside so I will concentrate on the spring cleaning inside,washing windows ,cleaning floors ,fluffing the nest!!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Leopard print

Loving all the leopard print out there right now.Truthfully I have been loving and wearing it since I was in high school!!!!! Of course my absolute favorite is the Leopard print velvet victorian antique sofa we own!!!!!! Since leopard and cheetah are at the stores right now I have been snatching it up!!!LOL!!!! I used to have a vintage coat or two but not sure what I did with them.I found a short leopard coat in the beginning of winter .It is more of a coat to wear if you are dressed up.It has 3/4 length sleeves. Since browsing the internet I came across Emmersonmade
and she had a vintage cheetah print.I love everything vintage but haven't run across one .I happened to be in the store Forever 21(love that store) I always find cute clothes and at great prices.As I was browsing I saw a cheetah print coat.It really looks like vintage fur!!!!! I bought it and I am in love.I love it!! It is lighter weight so I can wear it in the fall and layer it in the winter. I added a Emmersonmade like flower pin for fun.I really want to go back and buy another one either the same or in a different leopard print.I have a rule if you really love something buy two (if it is a great price) that way if anything ever happens you have a back up!!!! I am hoping go to a different store than the original this weekend to see if they still have any and if its on sale. Here are the start of my leopard coat collection.

The first two photos are of emmersonmade.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Since a lot of our house projects are complete I have turned to my second favorite subject,fashion.It goes between first and second on my list depending what is going on in life at the moment. Saturday night we were invited to a birthday party for a friend and it was an opportunity to dress up. Unfortunately I was rushed getting ready because we had to work all day.So I had to quickly get dressed and apply my make up. I wore a black strapless(ballerina type)dress with a black sweater.I had lace stockings and my new favorite black velvet boots on.I asked my son to take photos of me but they didn't turn out so great. I really need a new camera!!!!! Here are a few that turned out ok...

I have been curling my hair lately and it is so much easier to wear this way.It looks good for a few days!!!!
The party was fun and it was nice to go out with hubby alone since we normally always have kids with us.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Last week the day before our baby shower my husband's Grandma Beulah past away. She was 96 years young. Hard to believe that she lived thru so many different decades.I have written about how our house is similar to hers.The same age(over 100 years), style but located in different states.We lived with her and Grandpa about 8 years ago(for less than a year) .My husband took care of Grandpa until he passed away and briefly he helped with Grandma until she decided to go to an assisted living center.We moved to Wisconsin and ironically found a similar house to theirs!!!! I loved her kitchen sink and that was what attracted me to this home.
This Monday was her wake and yesterday was the funeral.It was sad to see everyone's pain but was nice to see all the family photos that were displayed. I even saw one from my baby shower!!!!! The stories people told about Beulah and Chuck( her husband) were memorable.It is inspiring to have met people who stayed together a lifetime.