Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, June 22, 2007


My pick up for the wood stove was supposed to be tomorrow but it is now going to be Sunday morning.Hopefully my husband won't be to unhappy ,as that is his day to sleep in.I have been feeling so tired lately and also feel unmotivated to finish my projects.I still have to finish painting one cabinet in the kitchen so I am hoping having the wood stove will help to motivate me!!!!!!!! Right now my life seems to be cleaning the house and cleaning the house and driving the kids.I feel drained and it doesn't help that it seems like 50 degrees outside. On the bright side, I bought more flowers and these two flower pots that I had my eye on for a while.It really helps the outside of our house visually.My husband received a new camera for Father's Day so I will post pictures soon.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another wood burning stove

I am so happy!!! I have been looking for a wood burning stove for our kitchen for at least 6 months.I mostly have looked on ebay and craigslist.I have bid and emailed so many times and I never got the stove.Well today I finally got one!!!!! I paid for it and now it is ours!!!I have to find a way to pick it up.I am thinking I will ask my neighbor.When we purchased our first stove I wanted it for the kitchen since that is our coldest room in the house.But when we went to pay for it we realized how big the stove was(over 700 lbs) and decided it should go in a central location.Today when we went to look at the stove the only thing on our mind was "how much does this weigh?"
It is definitely smaller than our other stove. I am thinking we will make a platform of bricks for it to stand on .Here is a picture from craigslist.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Let there be light!!!!!

Today was a very beautiful day here in Kenosha.I finally bought flowers for my window boxes and for the front of the house.After gardening and cleaning we decided to go to the beach.It felt so wonderful and peaceful to just lay out on an old vintage tablecloth watching the kids play in the sand.Once we were toasted from the sun we went home.I felt very energized when we got home.I decided to take a hammer and screwdriver
and start opening up our basement window that was boarded shut.Last year we kept seeing bees go behind a small crack in the board so I was a little scared that a swarm of bees was going to attack me.I chipped away for about an hour but finally I did it!!!!!! My husband will be impressed.It was so great to see natural light in my basement.All the windows were boarded up and some have some weird siding over them,So far this is the second window to see the 'light' .I can't believe someone wouldn't want natural light in their basement and keep it creepy dark.Well, we are trying to make our basement more livable so this is a great improvement.