Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pantry photos

We didn't work on our pantry this week.We were just too busy.Although, so far the electrical wiring is in and the subfloor is almost finished.We decided to tear off the ceiling and will have a vaulted ceiling like in the kitchen.Hopefully this weekend we can start drywalling the ceiling and install a light fixture. While browsing Lowell's this weekend I stumbled upon a very large chandelier that was totally awesome for the price of $35.It was on mega sale.I convinced hubby that we could use the light fixture from the dining room which if really small (for the pantry)and buy the huge chandelier for the dining room.He agreed and I can't wait to install and show you guys.I was so happy I found it!!!!! My other special bargain find was a vintage sofa from a thrift store for $40.It reminded me of the blue sofa I had before that ended up breaking but this one isn't as ornate.It was in mint condition but just yesterday Yoshi chewed a hole in it!!!! I was so upset but I was planning on reupholstering it eventually.I covered up the spot he chewed up so it is still functional.My plan is to reupholster it in raspberry pink velvet.I will probably wait two years until he is totally trained.Here are a few photos!!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pantry Progress

We have been working on the pantry on weekends and as usual it is a bigger project than I envisioned.We had to basically tear out the floor and floor joists.Hubby Trent then rebuilt the floor supports,leveled the new floor, weatherproofed ,insulated and put down ply-board.It was so funny to hear the kids all say ,"wow the floor is so sturdy"! Yeah,I was afraid one day someone would fall through the floor. That is life in a 100 plus year old house!!! Trent also decided to open up the ceiling so it would be more open and it will visually match our kitchen ceiling.I don't know why I am surprised but I always am when you see how much bigger a room feels when you open up the ceiling.It is crazy.The ceiling is what we worked on this weekend.Trent also installed electric to the new pantry which was another nightmare task.So hopefully we will insulate the ceiling and start the drywall process (of the ceiling).I will add some photos later for some reason they are not uploading. :(

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day

So this post is a little late!!!! It was a very busy weekend for our family.Hubby's birthday was Friday,Saturday we( Trent and I ) went away for a night and we came home on Sunday which was Father's day. We had such a nice day and evening in the Chicago suburbs and Sunday we spent the day with the kids here at home w/Paloma and her family .We had a bbq and just relaxed. My boy's and I bought Trent a huge tool cart for Father's day since we have so many tools around the house.It gets really hard to organize them.Hopefully the new tool cart will help!!! Here are some photos from the weekend….

Monday, June 16, 2014

( Hubby) Trent's Birthday Weekend!!!!

My hubby had his 40th birthday this Friday and we threw him a surprise party! The kids and I planned it and schemed for weeks.It was so stressful but we pulled it off.He had no clue!!!! The kids wanted a Hawaiian theme since we love Hawaii and it is our dream to live there one day.We found very cool decorations at our favorite Dollar Tree store. I was so busy hosting the party that I didn't take to many photos.How does that happen?LOL .I did take some before everyone got here to remember how it looked( before the mess).So here are some photos of our house before the party and a few during.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Project time!!!!!!

So it has been a while since we have done a big house project!!!!!! We are always fixing something but we haven't done nothing major lately.Well ,my hubby ripped out our mini side porch floor.If you read the blog I have written about converting this porch into my dream pantry.It has been on my wish list.My hubby has been against the idea but he is finally warming up to the pantry.Back story to how the floor ended up been ripped apart.We were clearing out old junk and garbage from the yard for a bulk garbage pickup and there were two storm doors on the side porch that Yoshi cracked the glass on(super dangerous so I wanted them removed).So I asked my hubby to just remove the doors and get rid of them.So as I am in the front of the house outside.My son and friend come carrying one of the doors to the trash pile.I am like ,"what's dad doing?" Son Trent says,"dad's making a hole in the porch floor".I am like"what?" Then I go to the back and see the whole floor being ripped out!!!!!! That's how we roll!!!!! I was kind of in shock but happy because that was the first step in my pantry makeover..Yeah!!!!! He just put plyboard down as a temporary floor but it looks so much better.My younger son,Julian was hoping there was gold or money hidden under the porch floor,but no such luck!!!!!!Just a big pile of dirt!!! LOL !!!! Here are some photos……

Friday, May 23, 2014

Fluffing the Nest

Today I am "fluffing the nest"!!!! It is a never-ending job ,lol!!!! The part of cleaning and dusting that I do enjoy is when I am dusting and rearranging my vintage collections. Last year I bought a beautiful three tiered gold colored cake stand (also has blingy goodness attached) from Opulent Treasures.I originally thought I would put it in my dressing room and place make up items on it. My hubby bought me my pink clear cube for makeup for my anniversary present(which I am so in love with)so that went in the dressing room instead.I decided to put the cupcake stand on my night stand and display some of my vintage figures and some perfume bottles,etc.That way I can look at it and appreciate it daily. I get inspired by beauty so today I rearranged some of my smaller perfume bottles and freshened up my other antique figures.I added and subtracted items until I thought it looked good.I loved how it turned out so I thought I would share some photos. Now to dust and fluff the rest of our room.Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!!!