Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage style

I was playing around with my photos and added the vintage style look.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dresser with mirror

Well, I finally decided I would keep the dresser with the mirror I was going to sell. It really turned out nice and it matched the other items in my bedroom. This is the first time I have a set of furniture!!!!! But not to keep things to matchy matchy( which isn't my style) I still have my bright pink dresser in the room and my off white french style night stand on my side. I found out my furniture is in the style of Louis Philippe. It basically comes in many different price ranges!!!!! So now that I have more drawers to fill ,I can start buying clothes again!!!!! I basically ran out of room in my small pink armoire and pink dresser.I was more interested in buying things for the house the past few years but now I am going back to my first love "fashion".Here are the photos of the dresser w/mirror .

I am still playing around with accessories for the top to display. I want it pretty but functional. I brought up my blue chandelier lamp from the living room and I kept the small hanging chandelier up even though it covers the top of the mirror. So far I love it!!!!! I am linked to and

Friday, July 22, 2011

Night stand redo!!!!!!

So I bought some furniture from Craigslist about a month or so ago to repaint and re- sell. When we got home my hubby claimed the night stand for himself!!!!! So I went about painting the sleigh bed and dresser. We loved how the bed turned out so we decided to keep that too!!!! There is a theme going on here,lol!!!! Anyway, I have been hating how the original night stand looked next to the bed. It was just dark stained wood. Well, we have been having a heat wave here in Wisconsin and since my room has the air conditioner, I decided I would paint his night stand in the room. It was a some what fast project. I will wax it another day when I can open the windows,so for now it is done!!!! Here are photos of the painted

night stand.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We have been working on this house a little at a time. Every project waits until we have the cash
to see it through. So a lot of projects start in phases. I wrote about our vegetable garden, we will have to buy more pea gravel and install.I will buy the decorative items as I find them at a great price!!! I found a garden hose holder in our garage that I bought a couple years ago(with tags still on it).We finally put it up on our house and I just found some cool purple/pink garden hoses to use from Target!!!! The little things make me happy!!!!! Also our outside is looking more "complete". There are still some tweaking to be done but I have learned patience is my new best friend!!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

French Garden photos

French garden

 We have been working on beautifying the outside of our house this summer. We finished painting the house( started last summer) added shutters ( last summer).  This year we added upper window boxes and flowers. We started a vegetable garden in a space that was a forgotten zone on our property( behind the garage). We built raised beds for our garden.(last summer). This summer was the icing on the cake!!!! We added the pea gravel to our secret garden . It was very labour intensive, back breaking work!!!!!! We bought 28 bags of pea gravel which turned out to be about 1400 lbs. Also we are in a heat wave here in Kenosha so we really had to work efficiently. The whole family helped.Our youngest was the water boy making sure we had cups of ice water to drink !!!!!  We still need more pea gravel but I can't believe how much better the garden looks!!!!! It looks very French!!!! I will have to buy some lavender to put in garden pots. I LOVE how this turned out. It was so much more enjoyable to water the garden today. I didn't come back in the house all muddy,LOL!!!!! I will post photos later today!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


A few weeks ago we had a very strange storm come thru our town. We live off of Lake Michigan and usually we avoid damage due to tornadoes. What happened was 100 mph per winds came off of the lake and caused alot of damage to houses and pulled down trees from the roots. We were lucky that the two trees next door did not topple over onto our house. A huge part of the tree was in our driveway but luckily my husband's car was not parked there yet.( He was on way home). The damage looked like something out of Jurassic Park along the lake front. Here are some photos of the damaged trees.

           The first photo was the part in our driveway. I texted my hubby that a tree branch fell in our driveway!!! He came home and said it is more than a branch!!!!! Thankfully the tree survived when others didn't.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Things that make me smile!!!!!

I am linking today to .The things that make me happy are my hubby, and my 4 kids!!!!! I love owning a house that we can transform anyway we please!!!! ( WE HAVE!!!!) I am grateful that my husband likes to do my projects that I have created in my mind. Next up after finishing the yard is a new pantry!!!! Yeah!!!!(desperately need it!!!!) Here are some photos of what makes me smile!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yard sale

 The yard sale was Saturday. It was a total waste. Only 5 people stopped and looked. Only one sale!!!!! It was really weird!!!!!! The boys and I tried to be positive but it was disappointing. We sold one toy for $3 .Our friend brought some stuff over and sat with us all day and she didn't sell anything as well. It is probably the last one I will ever do . Oh well, on the bright side yesterday the boys and I went to my husband's salon ( where he is the creative director) and I had my hilites and color done. I was so happy!!!!! I am a colorist but it is hard to do my own hair and I can't hilite it. It was such a blessing to be the one sitting down and getting pampered!!!!! Today I was putting all the yard sale stuff back in our basement and
 I will start separating items for ebay. That is all that is going on here. Tomorrow I will photograph the armoire I painted.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prep work

 I have been going thru the house , room by room to find items for the yard sale. This sale was originally the kids idea but they don't want to get rid of anything!!!!!! I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because I discovered I like my stuff too!!!! It has been hard releasing . I am mostly selling the ebay items that didn't sell. I have a lot of chandeliers and sconces,some knick knacks,books,and some clothes. I am selling my bed ( remember I kept the sleigh bed that I was originally going to sell). I am trying to finish painting a wardrobe for the yard sale. It was going to be white but then I started distressing it and hated how it was turning out!!!! So I started from scratch and am painting it the french blue. I don't know if I can finish in time, I am worn out. This morning I decided to go through my dressing room and search for items. It was a disaster in there. I have a lot of beauty products and shoes in there and I have run out of room. So I re organized and took a few photos to show you. This is the room that made me want to buy this house. Its small but perfect for my dressing table!!!!!!