Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paint and a fence!!!!!

 We are finally finishing up painting the last of our house!!!! Yeah!!!! We found a great (paint) sprayer at the flea market the other day at a great price.That was exactly what we needed. Now we need to rent a taller ladder at the home store. It really is finally happening ,the end of the house painting(at least the outside)LOL!!!!!!!Last year we took down six panels of fence since they were falling apart.We bought new fence and installed them  yesterday!!! I could have cried at how good they look!!!!! I feel like everything is finally coming together!!!! We can actually have a nice yard.There are still fence panels to replace in the very back of the garage but it is not as noticeable as the side yard was.We also plan to install driveway gates for more privacy. I will post photos soon!!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day present

So we picked up my present!!!!! I have a Gothic church pew!!!! I found it on Craig's list.The funny part is that I ended up buying it from one of our close friends and old neighbors from Chicago. I have been searching for a church pew forever!!!!! I was close to buying different ones but the deals never worked out. Our friends bought theirs at an auction and I saw it once at their house and was in love!!!!!!!  They always have great stuff in their homes.Anyway,as I was searching for my church pew on Craig'slist I noticed the photo from our friends old house and they were selling the pew!!!! I was so excited, what are the odds that I would look at craig's list at the same time they listed. So it was meant to be , I asked my hubby if he could buy it for me for Mother's Day. I always knew I would use it with our dining room table. Our table is eight feet and the church pew is just under that. It needed a few repairs but it is ready to use now . Here are photos. I added the gold on the detailed part.I also had to paint the back of the pew since that is where you could see the glue we had to use (the second photo shows how we had to use gravity to set the side!!! LOL) The pew was already blue and distressed, I just need to buy furniture wax and wax it.
  I also had a break through this week.I finally SOLD something on Craig's list!!!! It did take me a couple months and it was nerve wracking.It is definitely easier and more fun to buy !!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mini project

We have had this vintage dresser since we first got married.I think every one of us has used it in their room.My oldest son had it last and when he moved out I thought I would paint it.I was going to paint it off white to match my bedroom furniture but then I figured I already had the pink paint so I went for it!!!! My younger boys and I carried this up to my bedroom from the basement . I am not sure if I should antique it or  just leave it alone. I really needed more space for my clothes so I am extremely happy with it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!  We stayed here at home and I will reveal my "big" present next week!!!!! We are picking it up on Saturday!!!!!! I will give you a hint, I pretty much always ask for furniture/antiques for presents. It is something I have been searching for a while and I am so happy to have found it!!!!!! We also put up my wrought iron arbor that we used to have in the front of our house a few years ago.We took it down to put up a higher fence for the dogs and has been sitting behind the garage waiting for a new home!!!!! I found a new spot for it.It is between the garage and our back door.It leads to what I am calling our "secret garden" . I have Victorian inspired wrought iron chairs and a table there.Also our raised bed veggie garden is behind the garage. So once we actually start planting flowers/and vegetables, it will become a "secret garden" LOL!!!! It is very secluded back there and I have been having my coffee when I can sneak away in my new spot. Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

photos of bathroom

Finally!!!! I couldn't upload the photos and was really frustrated but now it is done,yeah!!!!!!  Here are photos of the bathroom (main) during the "sink project". We LOVE the sink and the dark teal paint color!!!! So far there hasn't been a problem with finger prints on the mirrored part. That was everyone's concern knowing we have kids. Although I now keep windex in the room to shine it up!!!!