Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Victorian sofa

My victorian sofa was picked up yesterday to be reupholstered!!!!! I picked out the fabric in the May so I have been anxious to get it recovered . The fabric was deteriorating by the minute( also one leg was broken so we had books underneath it to hold it up)!!!!! I tried hiding it with throws ,pretty pillows but is was really looking in a sad state by the time it left!!!!! My neighbor,myself and the reupholster carried the sofa out to his van and into his shop (only a few blocks from our house).So now we wait and sit on the floor for a few months!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New camera!!!!

Finally I can take photos again!!!! Hubby bought me a new camera!!!! It is not the professional one I wanted but it takes good pictures for now. I appreciate being able to have it anytime I want instead of bugging him to use his iphone. This weekend was very mellow.It was my husband's birthday and we didn't have anything to do around the house!!!!! We slept late , cooked out,drank coffee, it was great!!!!! Today I am cleaning our room and then I will organize the rest of the house. I am having trouble with the clutter!!!! I have a love /hate relationship with clutter!!!! I like having displays but do not like seeing the day to day 'stuff'.In our bedroom, we have a lot of vitamins laying around and there is no where to put them so they look tidy.It drives me crazy!!!!! I know if I put them away out of sight then it becomes out of mind as well. We are on a health kick so we actually take them daily. Our kitchen would be my ideal spot for them but we do not have a lot of cabinet space. For now I try hiding them in baskets. I moved the vintage mantel from the kitchen to the bedroom a while back.I love how it looks in the room. It is a good place to add all my perfume bottles and candles (the good clutter!!!!) here are a few photos.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bookshelf redo!!!

A few posts ago I talked about my bookshelf redo in my dressing room.Here are a few photos of it.I am displaying a few pairs of my shoes on it until the day I have a whole wall for shoes!! LOL I think I posted same photo twice sorry!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I am in love with my chandelier!!!!!! It is vintage .I bought it from a man in Chicago who ran an electric shop out of his garage years ago.I lived with my parents at the time so I hung it up at their house. I waited patiently until my dad changed out this fixture with another.Then waited some more until we changed out the old electric wiring.It has a home finally!!! I still have no camera so these photos are from my hubbies Iphone!!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The good and the bad!!!!!

We have been working hard these past few weeks.We finished replacing all the electric wiring in the living room.As usual we thought this would be an "easy" room but turned out to be more time consuming than we planned.I have 4 new outlets and a gorgeous antique chandelier installed!!!! I have been waiting for this chandelier for 5 years to be hung in my house!!!! It used to be in my dad's house in Chicago and he brought it over a few months ago.My husband did not want to install it until we rewired the room. I have been patching up the holes in the walls that had to be made( to pull wire) and touch up painting .Now for the bad,my camera is totally dead!!!! I thought it was the internal battery (one I never knew it had until a week ago!!!!) so we replaced it and put the regular batteries in it and still it is not working!!!! UGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!
I have to buy a new camera !!! I did want a new one any way but it will have to wait for a while . In the mean time I will try to have Trent(hubby) take a few pictures with his Iphone!!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dressing room and more!!!!

Sorry for lack of pictures still not sure what is going on w/ camera!!!!!! Yesterday I started and finished a small project in my dressing room.I put a bookshelf in the room to display some of my items (some shoes,and other stuff) I wanted to glam it up so I
added decorative paper to the back part of the shelves.It looks more custom!!!!! I basically used double sided tape to stick it to the backing of shelf I LOVE It!!! This room is getting a total makeover soon. This room (beside the kitchen sink) was the reason I bought this house!!!! I had been visualizing and talking about having my own dressing room before we lived here so when we walked in the master bedroom and saw it ,I had to have it!!! You see my husband had bought me a Victorian dressing table years before for an anniversary present( yes,I usually ask for antique furniture for presents!!!!!) This is a photo of the room before .We tore out the storage benches (on the left side) and it feels much bigger. We still have to patch up the walls and repaint.I will keep you posted!!!!