Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, December 14, 2006

global warming

Today our in Wi. is 50 degrees. Something is extremely wrong with this picture.Don't get me wrong I love it but it kind of is freaky!!!! I have been watching alot of documentaries lately about global warming.I even watched one about electric cars.It is all so interesting.It really makes me want to buy a hybrid car. I wanted one before but now I really want it.Maybe Santa is listening!!!!!We do Need a larger vehicle.The one thing we do not need right now is a car payment.I am only working 3 days at the salon but hopefully my candle and soap business will take off.I make aromatherapy products that have essential oils in them.At least I know my candles are not harmful to the environment ,they are soy based and burn clean!!!!!!! My passion is aromatherapy!!!!! I love things that smell great!!!!!! and look pretty to!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yeah xmas pictures!!!!!!

I lost my last post (darn)I finally finished taking the xmas pictures!!!! It is hard gathering kids and dogs!!!!! This year I am trying to send out xmas cards so I have to hurry and print these out!!!!I am trying to do alot more xmas activities that are fun .We have had a stressful financial situation these past months.(Trent had not been able to work for 7 weeks due to an injury)and we are a little freaked out about buying presents.I am trying to teach the kids about the meaning of xmas.(spending time as a family,etc)I have started baking(almost homemade items)!!! My daughter and I are going to make some cookies from scratch this weekend.Hopefully we will bond because we have been going thru a rough patch(she is 15).I am very grateful that we have a home and we really love this house.We are doing things a little at a time.This past year we have
1.tore down a ceiling(what a mess!!!!!)
2.Put up a gorgouse tin ceiling(I always wanted one)
3.waterproofed basement ,painted walls and floor
4.installed woodburning stove and chimney(oh what drama)
Things we still have to do:
1.Tile behind wood burning stove
2.finish painting
3.add bathroom to basement(I have the perfect clawfoot tub for down there and it is pink!!!)
4.rewire some outlets(I hate all the extension cords)
5.Hopefully put up a new fence ours is pretty sad!!!!!!

I won't add to the list just yet I am getting overwhelmed!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

x-mas tree

Today my 4 year old son Julian coaxed me into decorating the tree.The truth is I really was waiting for the"perfect time".You know xmas carols playing in the background and everyone being into it.Well,this weekend was world war 3 !!!!! My teenage age daughter was really irritating me while I was trying to paint the dining room.We made sure she was home(Mon.) to put up the tree so we wouldn't get yelled at (she wanted to be home when we put it up). It was up and no one talked about decorating it except Julian.So ,Tristan(oldest son) brought the boxes with the decorations from the garage and we started decorating.Paloma gets home from school(Tues.) and brings a friend over and just hangs out on the computer.So much for family participation!!!!! Well,maybe next year!!!!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Just about done!!!!!!!

We did alot of work this weekend on the stove.We finished the trim around the base of the stove.It looks so much better!!!! Trent mudded the wall and sanded,and I helped with the painting.Then today I painted the rest of the room.It looks so good!!!!! The very last thing to do is tile the wall.We have a heat shield up for now so it is not a huge emergency.It helped that we had a snow blizzard this friday.For once we didn't run a million errands!!! Although we did have to pick up some groceries and driving was scary.(We helped push one car stuck on our block) That is life living in Wisconsin.I rearranged the room as well and it looks less cluttered,but the rest of the house now has more things in it that I do not know what to do with.I will worry about it tomorrow!!!!!!