Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, June 30, 2011


  Today I went into the garage to look for items for my yard sale that is next week. It was overwhelming. We have a lot of plastic bins half with the lids on half with out and everything was dusty . I had the boys help me empty out all most all the boxes and wash them out . Then we put things for the yard sale to the side. Our yard sale pile was puny to say the least!!!!! I did organize and find treasures that I had forgotten I had. Tons of hubby books were dusted off and put in the bookshelf. I found my wedding dress in a  card board box!!!! Gasp!!!!! It actually still looks good and I found my headpiece!!!!! I swore I had the headpiece and veil inside and was looking thru my closet a few weeks ago and going crazy!!!!! I also found some of my daughters outfits from when she was a baby thru toddler.They have been tucked away almost 20 years!!!! A lot of the styles have come back , lol!!!! I had bought her a black suede  coat with faux leopard print trim from Lord and Taylor, luckily I saved it. I think she was better dressed than me back then.
  I also found family photos and hauled those back in!!!! When I saw all the boxes I brought back in I thought I was going to cry. I actually went thru them and condensed everything, threw out some items and am now resting because I am exhausted!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Window boxes

 I finally got around to buying some flowers!!!!! My vision was to add window boxes to the second floor windows. After adding the shutters last summer I really wanted window boxes. I looked around for a while for deck mounts to hold the flower boxes and finally found some at Walmart. We had to improvise and add small wood pieces screwed in between the screens and the window. It worked out great!!!!! Although we can't close the window all the way down ,oops!!!!! We will un-attach them at the end of the season but for now I feel like I am in Europe when I look out my bedroom window and see my flowers. I also planted some perennials in the flower bed in front of the house. It still needs more plants and mulch and a border of some type. For now I am happy!!!!( I would LOVE to get rid of rhe sattlelite dish  , we don't even use it anymore!!!!)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Furniture painting

I finally finished the dresser with mirror. It took longer than I thought but I love the results!!!!!! I painted it with an aqua blue base coat  and added layers of glazes. It is similar to the sleigh bed that I painted. I really love it!!!!!!! Now the challenge will be to let it go. I bought this furniture with the intention of painting and selling. We will see what happens, I am going to post it on Craigslist tomorrow. Here are photos of the piece in progress....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New mini sink project

I created a new sink skirt out of necessity !!!!! My old one which was a red toile started to rip from washing it too many times. I had a piece of burlap left over from the original sink skirt that I made ,so I was happy I didn't have to spend money!!!! Always nice!!! I also had a burlap rice bag (our basmati rice comes packaged in these cool bags)in our pantry. Hubby will appreciate the NO COST project. Any whoo ,I basically got out my favorite glue gun and started glueing this together. It was fast,cheap and sassy. So here is my lovely new creation.......

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Furniture painting

Last week I had a productive furniture painting week. I finished the upper portion of the dresser( It comes in two pieces). I also finished the bed frame. It is a sleigh bed style frame. I have always wanted a sleigh bed!!!!! This is really a modified sleigh bed but it is still a sleigh bed frame. Well, we decided to keep the frame( yeah)!!!! We put it in our room yesterday.Today I have been cleaning away our room,fluffing our nest and I took some photos!!!! Here they are....
  The bed was painted with a layered technique. I used 3 washes of different glazes after I put a base coat and of course threw in a little of my beloved gold. After it dried I waxed it with a couple layers of wax.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Painting Away!!!

 I picked up some furniture from Craigslist that I bought to makeover and resell. It was an adventure going to pick up the furniture. We had to go in two cars. My minivan aka "the bliss mobile" ( I have a lot of Hawaii decals on it!!!)  and our other car which is an SUV. I followed hubby  who had the gps in his car.I was nervous I would lose him and be stuck in the middle of nowhere. We made it to our destination and the next challenge was loading the cars!!!! It was rough getting the furniture from the second floor apartment!!!! We had our two youngest boys with us and luckily one of them is bigger than me now(yikes) so he helped too. So now that we made it home we unloaded hubby's car but mine is still full. I am not looking forward to unloading the van. The heaviest and biggest pieces are in there. I started the fun part....painting!!!! Well,it is fun for me. I am painting a bedframe and a dresser with mirror, a vintage aqua blue and distessing with different glazes. Here are some photos of the first stage....
   I also spray painted an old rusted chandelier pink!!!! I will probably put it in my yard sale which I am planning on having soon.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!!

Here are a few photos of me before leaving the house to "coffee friday". Once a month I meet a group of friends and we chat and have coffee. It is fun for me since I hardly leave the house to hang out with adults. I am usually with kids and pets!!!!! I took these photos with my camera. Not an easy task!!!!! I was laughing at myself as I was doing it but I actually dressed cute and wanted to document it!!!! Lately I have been covered in paint so this was a change. Hope everyone is having a happy weekend!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chair redo

I found these funky chairs at the thrift store. When I saw them I knew immediately that I would spray paint them pink,of course!!!! I painted one a bright pink and I loved how it turned out but thought I would try a baby pink for the other one. Here are the before and after photos.  I also rubbed on a little gold to bring out the details.I am go to use them at each end of my dining room table for now.