Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not quite done!!!!

I have to say I got my hopes up too soon about painting.There was more sanding to be done and a few spots needed to be re-mudded.I am so over this basement project!!!! It just keeps lingering on!!! I was able to paint a closet and one wall, so that was cool!!! Now I have a cold and feel like crap but over all feel better than last week.I didn't write about it but I sliced my finger open with a knife.It was pretty nasty but it is healing nicely!!! I probably shouldn't be painting but this needs to get done and I go back to work on Sat. so I have to get used to using my thumb again.My camera ran out of batteries so I can't post photos until this weekend!!!

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oldflowers4me said...

dont get mad, just run out side and scream ,then smile and walk back inside-it will all get done....we lived like that for a few years and with out a kitchen-im now thinking we really did do that...