Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had a very nice and hectic xmas!!!!! We traveled to Chicago from Wisconsin to visit family and friends. The kids had a great time!! Xmas day we stayed home and relaxed.It was a so peaceful until we realized we didn't have any groceries!!!!! We were so busy working up until Xmas Eve that we didn't have time to buy food for Xmas dinner.I went to three grocery stores in town (one of which is always open on holidays) but they were ALL closed!!! I wasn't the only person driving around town looking for a grocery store so i didn't feel so dumb!!!! Good old Walgreens was open!!!! So we had a lovely feast of frozen pizza and snacks!!!! The kids didn't seem to mind since we had a great dinner the night before and they were too busy playing with all their stuff!!!! It has been really hard for my husband and I to recoup since this is the busiest time of year in our industry(beauty business) luckily ,the economy has not affected our work.People still want to look good!!!! Here are photos from Xmas!!!


Sandy said...

What lovely pictures! One of them made me giggle... the cat does not look too happy! LOL (but the dogs look quite pleased)

goddessof4 said...

Sandy,we found that cat as a kitten ( maybe PRETEEN age) We gave him to my dad and we were shocked at how HUGE he got!!!! He reminds me of Garfield!!!!