Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to reality!!!!!

Since coming back from Maui,Hawaii,life has been one car drama after another.Before we left my husbands car had gotten a flat tire on the expressway when we were coming home from a xmas party,The bad news was the rim was bent and no store sells them around here.We then came to realize about three of his rims were shot.Then my minivan just started stalling more and more to the point of only staying on for a second.We managed to get to our neighborhood mechanic ( oh wait daughter used my van and rolled down the window and it couldn't roll up again!!!!!) So while we were gone we were supposed to be having my minivan fixed.When we returned our daughter was supposed to pick us up in our third car but the car did not start!!!! (Below zero weather here in Wisconsin!!!) Great!!!!! Stress starts building right away!!!! We get home and pick up our minivan ,window is fixed but we basically leave putt, putting the same way we came in!!! The mechanic tries to tell us we need a tune up and that will fix "the problem" when before he said we needed a new fuel pump/and a new fuel regulator. We basically found a new mechanic in town and they fixed it in a day!!!! Yeah!!!!! To say we need another vacation is an understatement all our relaxation was drained right out of us the minute we landed in Wisconsin!!!!


oldflowers4me said...

our doors are open.....i have plenty of cake and champagne.....grab my hand......

goddessof4 said...

So sweet!!!! I love cake and champgne!!! Fairy cake Pond here I come!!!!!