Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, January 15, 2010


During the week I have been working on de-cluttering. It helps me feel like the house is getting somewhere.We still have to tape and mud the new dining room so I probably won't be able to paint for a few weeks!!!! I am extremely anxious to get this room together!!!! I have the paint color selected ,the lighting is ready to be hung,a few other items of furniture besides the dining room table are ready to be placed. I feel like I need order in my house already.We still have to tile the bathroom that we added the claw foot tub. At least THAT room is functioning and clean!!!! The rest of the house feels a little cluttered due to the renovation(there are probably tools in almost every room!!!!) BUT,I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel.I looked up THE FLY LADY website.It is a website about cleaning and organizing.It has helpful hints including getting dressed everyday and putting on your shoes even if you are not going anywhere.Basically start looking good to feel good.Today,I am dressed( w/ accessories) and have makeup on!!!! I stay home w/ kids and am usually dressed in workout clothes(sweats) or work on the house clothes(sweats w/paint on them).I used to dress more glamorous back in the day!!!!! One of my goals this year is to look good at all times, not just if I have somewhere special to go.So after we are done with the house I will be buying fashionable clothes again!!! When we are done with the house I WILL have money for new clothes!!!! LOL


Why S? said...

I would so love NOT to dress up everyday! But then, if I had nowhere to go, I might just be tempted to sit in the recliner and eat potato chips all afternoon. Yep, that's the danger - the real me might come to life.

goddessof4 said...

So funny!!!! I have been at the other end too!!!!! I just really love fashion!!!!! Since I have moved to Wisconsin from Chicago it just hasn't been as important to look fashionable but I think it is time again!!! LOL