Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The cleaning in my life never seems to end!!!! Today I am in the basement cleaning my office that has become an unruly mess!!!! When we put in the basement hallway light, we had to pull the wires to my office so I am cleaning all the old wire that was left behind on my table.I am also cleaning our downstairs bathroom.I am multitasking doing laundry,cleaning and writing my post in between!!!!! My bedroom is pretty much done being painted except for a small spot behind our flat screen tv.It is a challenging spot to paint.The TV was really heavy to install so I can't move it.The room is so much brighter but like I said before I want new bedding ,curtains,etc.I will post photos when I finish all the decorative details.


Kim said...

I cleaned well for a party we had a week and a half ago...but the cleaning didn't make it to the basement or our bedroom...both areas that REALLY need it!!! Perhaps you'll inspire me to get there sooner than later! ;)

goddessof4 said...

Our bedroom seems to get the messiest!!!! The kids like to watch TV in our room and it ends up getting messy. I am always cleaning in here!!!!! Now that it is a lighter color I have to keep up with it more. It seems more noticeable!!!!! LOL!!!