Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project pantry update

We finally started the pantry.My hubby thought we needed to make sure that the ceiling wasn't leaking (since this is technically a covered porch) so he took out a board from the ceiling to see how it looked above.Originally he thought there was mold but luckily there wasn't any!!!!!! We haven't touched it since,we have been so busy every weekend going to Chicago to visit with my dad. He is doing great!!!!!! Every time I see him he is better and better.I also get to see some other family members like my sister while I am there and of course our son so that is always nice.It is really great to have family somewhat nearby.Since the baby was born our time has seemed limited (how did I ever get any thing done with 4 kids,lol!!!! )So we will work on this little but very important room when we can(somehow some men can't see the value in a pantry).I explain to my husband that the pantry will be life transforming!!!!! I will have room to organize our dishes or store the extra food ,I really need this!!!! So for now I am going to post more inspiration photos of the upcoming pantry.


Sandy said...

So happy to hear your Dad is doing well! I was so delighted to see you had stopped by and left me a message on my blog. XO Happy Mother's Day to you and your daughter! (I still think you're not old enough to be a grandma!)

goddessof4 said...

Thanks Sandy!!!!

Jennifer said...

Love the inspiration photos! So glad to hear your dad is doing well, and your daughter and her little one!

goddessof4 said...

Thank you !!!! The last few months have been flying by!!!!! I hope to get back on track with our home updates!!!!!