Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cowhide rug

I finally found a cowhide rug that was a really great price!!!! I was walking the other week in our downtown and saw the cowhide rug folded up in an antique store window.The day I saw it the store was closed so I didn't know how much it was going for or how big it was. I kept talking about it but never went to see what the hours were at the store and finally I was coloring a friends hair and asked about the owner of the store.I knew he knew the owner and he called him up and asked about the cowhide.So we agreed on a price and now it is mine!!!!!! I got it this Sat. I am beyond excited since I have been looking for one for soooo long. I am playing around with where it will end up.I would love it on the floor in the living room but I have a small dog that I am afraid would ruin it.For now I have it draped over our new modern sofa.Our house has an artistic ecletic look so I think it would work.Here are photos of the different looks. The photos with the sofa covered with throws and pillows is how I keep the sofa covered daily because of the dogs!!!!


Warner Carter said...

Most of the cowhide rugs have a short sleek coat, but some are longer and curly. I myself prefer short and sleek one. Doesn’t matter which one you like as long as you love the rug. cowhide rugs

Innocent Saqib said...

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