Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Strawberry picking!!!!

We finally went strawberry picking!!!! This is the first time we went to a pick any fruit and it was so much fun!!!!! We really don't live far from the strawberry farm and have past it a million times. My husband finally said we should go pick strawberries!!!! we have been eating more fruit lately so it made sense to pick the fruit we are eating. We took the boys ,their friend Jacob and our daughter Paloma and her family.We ended up picking 7 boxes of strawberries so everyone took some home to their families.My boys had so much fun and I did too!! It was actually addictive .It was hard to stop picking once your box was full,lol!!! We went yesterday and at first it was raining but once it cleared up the farms website said they were open for picking.They laid straw over the mud so you didn't get too dirty but Paloma and her baby were all covered in mud!!! My hubby wore flip flops and got stuck in a few places.It was an adventure and the whole family wants to go again.I came home and washed two boxes of strawberries and froze them for my protein shakes.We still have two huge boxes to snack on so that is a lot of strawberries.We will definitely go back before the season is are a few photos of the day at the farm.


Jennifer said...

We have the loveliest strawberry farms around here too. Everything is so much better straight from the farm! Not even comparable to the grocery store.

goddessof4 said...

The strawberries are so delicious!!!!!! I definitely want to go back again!!!!