Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baby Raiden

Baby Raiden was born on October 15,2014.My last post was about our son Tristan and Marta's baby shower in Chicago.It seemed like a long two weeks until he was born!! So glad we have finally met our new grandson.We have been so busy that I never had a chance to share the news!.We went to Chicago twice in the past couple of weeks to visit with them.On our way to Chicago I remembered I had written to someone on Craigslist about purchasing a claw foot bath tub ( they lived in Chicago) for Marta and Tristan's bathroom. I rewrote the person and said I was in the city for the day and would like to see the tub.So after a while the man called me back about the tub.The bathtub was a really good price and we figured we would see it and buy it on the spot.The only problem was that we had my small sporty car and needed a truck to get the bath tub to my dad's house (where Tristan and Marta live).After trying to see who we could borrow a truck from we finally remembered you can rent a pick up truck at Menards (home improvement store) hourly for a good deal.So off we went to rent a truck after spending most of the day with Raiden and purchase the bathtub and the hard part was carrying this bathtub up to a second floor bathroom.I don't know how my husband and boys did it but they got it into the bathroom and by a miracle the bathtub fit in the spot(which was another challenge).My husband had built this bathroom years ago in the attic of my parent's home.When we lived there we had a mini size claw foot bathtub but the one we bought for Tristan and Marta was a full size claw foot tub.So this was the adventure the first day we met our grandson!!! Never a dull moment in our family.


Jennifer said...

Love a good claw foot tub! And a beautiful baby! He is just sooooo sweet!

goddessof4 said...

Hi,Thanks for stopping by!!! I love claw foot tubs!!! Baby Raiden is such a cutie!!!!