Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I feel like my little blog has been neglected!! At first it was my laptop acting up.I officially need a new battery and more memory.EEK! I tried uploading photos from my phone to my laptop to blog but it only accepted 9 photos. I have to ask hubby what's up with that,lol! I am officially re-starting my spring cleaning.I started in March (kind of)and then it became cold here again so it is feeling like winter.Not very motivating for cleaning,I would rather curl up under my blankets and just find pretty house blogs to look at. I do have a bunch of repainting to do. More touching up the walls and refreshing them but I hope to repaint a dresser in our bedroom.That project will be a complete makeover since I need new hardware .I also would love to do an accent wall behind it.Life just seems so busy for us right now.The family has grown in size and with that comes more family functions,birthday parties,etc.Hopefully I can get the house in great shape before summer!!Just thought I would drop in to say HI!!!! Hope everyone is having a great Spring!!!


Jennifer said...

Hellloooo out there! Spring is such a busy buzzing time, isn't it?! So glad you stopped in for an update though!

goddessof4 said...

Hi Jenn!!!! Thanks for stopping by:) I am trying to get the house in order ,it feels harder and harder because of our schedule!!! Also I have to fix my laptop .I always blogged from there but now I anm getting used to the big computer,lol!!!Hope you are doing great!!!! Blessings,Sara