Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, July 27, 2007

Master bedroom

I repainted our bedroom.This is the third time in almost 3 years.I had painted it a lighter purple(the second time a few months ago) but my hubby hated it.I think at night it looked too bright,so I found a different shade of purple called "orchid".I bought it at Restoration Hardware.I had never used their paint before but I have to say it was very good quality.I paint a lot so I was surprised how much I liked it.Here is a peek at our bedroom.We still have to do something about our wood floors but that is another story!!!!!! I know what you are thinking,this girl sure likes color!!! Yes, I am an artist and a haircolorist by day!!!!!!


Rechelle said...

Beautiful quilt. Did you make that?

goddessof4 said...

No,I bought it .Unfortunately I don't have time to sew .Maybe soon!!!!!! said...

Love the way the yellow chair pops against the orchid!