Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fireplace tile wall

Today we started our tile wall behind our wood burning stove. We were using a store bought fire protector.I hated it!! I thought it clashed with our room and it was too small.This project started out to be very stressful. There was an outlet behind the stove and we lost the use of it with our new wall.We had another outlet that my husband put in by the light switch but it was a mock outlet since at the time we didn't have time to connect it.(It was during our refinance that we replaced the switch.) Anyway,connecting this outlet was really alot of work due to the fact that our basement is very dark and when we turned off the electric we had to use a flash light) Then of course we had to make a couple trips to the store for supplies. Finally we started our backdrop.It was a challenge but my hubby did a great job.First we attached metal studs to the wall(for code you need a few inches of space between the wall and the firewall for airflow) ,then we attached durock cement board.Finally we applied the tile. The challenge here is that it started to slip due to gravity.We taped the tiles but it isn't perfect. I know when we grout it will look alot better but my eye always goes to the flaw.I still really love it !!! Here are pictures of the process.I will put a final one after we grout.

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Sandy said...

You have much more patience that I do! LOL