Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Boxes!!!!!

We finally bought the flooring for the basement!!!! We first wanted wood laminate flooring then switched to carpet then back again.The deciding factor was the price!!!! The carpet squares were on sale this week at Menards so we went with carpet.I have stacks of little boxes in the living room at the moment. Before we install,we will have to finish one wall in my daughters room and add a door.Fun!!! We are hoping that the dogs will not be hanging in the basement once the carpet is in.They are mostly upstairs . I have a dog gate so they won't go down but the teenagers (not the smaller two) always manage to leave the gate open!!!!! That will be the beauty of buying the carpet squares if a spot is ruined You Can Replace Them!!!!!

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Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Sara, Thats a good idea about the flooring. I only have rugs so the odd 'leak' the puppy does isnt too bad for cleaning. My living room looked like yor picture for a few months, but mine didnt have floor tiles I had kitchen units (it was a nightmare!!! LOL!) X