Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kitchen update

We changed around our kitchen again!!!!! It all started with my idea of painting the armoire we had in the living room!!! I wanted a blue distressed look that I had seen. After bringing the armoire into the kitchen, we decided to move the vintage stove. It is now in front of the window.My pink table was moved into the living room and we put a very long and narrow work table in its place .It is our " island" since it is counter height!!!! I have to buy higher chairs.I did buy some temporary ones but will look for different ones that are sturdier.I was very proud of myself since I put the island together myself!!!! My hubby was busy and I was anxious to see how the work table would look!!!!! We are actually hanging out in the kitchen more !!!! It was a very practical change!!!! The whole family has been hanging out on their laptops while we wait for dinner to be ready.

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Kim said...

Looking forward to seeing the updated photos!