Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Monday, August 3, 2009

Copper sink!!!!

We finally installed our copper sink in the kitchen!!!! We now have 2 great sinks!!!! The copper sink will be our veggie /prep sink,No dirty dishes will go in it!!!! It took us all day to install.We had to remove an already installed cabinet and install a smaller cabinet to make the 3 ft. copper sink fit. I still have to paint the new cabinet and we need to "tweak" a few minor details but it looks and works great!!!! We also had to install water lines and drainage pipes.It was a long day with 3 trips to Menards.Both hubby and I are in a better mood today!!!! We will be bringing the painted armoire into the kitchen and hopefully I can paint the cabinet today!!!! I will post photos after I paint cabinet!!! Have a great day!!!


Kasey said...

i am so jealous.

Kim said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see the photos!!!

goddessof4 said...

Well,my rule of no dishes was broken on the first day by hubby!!!!! LOL !!! We are loving the sink although we had an issue in the basement with water not draining (actually a small flood that got on my new carpet.Thankgod we bought those carpet squares and have a ton of boxes extra!!!! Sara