Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, May 28, 2010


We have been busy with work outside in our yard.Our house doesn't have a descent yard.Our garage is located at a weird angle and takes up what at one time was the yard . When we bought the house we didn't mind not having a yard since we are only a few blocks from Lake Michigan. Fast forward five years and now we wish we had more land.We had talked about making raised beds behind our garage and finally got around to doing it!!!!!Trent made the garden beds and then we went to Menards and bought over 2000 lbs.of dirt.My van was practically touching the ground on the way home.Then we had to carry these bags of dirt to the back of the garage.I am still recouping from that!!! LOL .This weekend I need to buy mulch and put it around the raised beds.I am also starting to scrape one side of the garage since we need to paint it. I decided to paint one of our original doors that lead to our side yard.I have been leaving the door open and I thought it needed a new look.I painted it a blue that I had used before. I love it !!!! It is so cheerful now!!! Here is a photo of the door.

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Kim said...

It's a lovely blue! Can't wait to see photos of the gardens!