Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Victorian sofa

This weekend my blue victorian sofa broke!!!! The frame had been splitting little by little but it literally broke on Sunday night. I am beyond sad.It seems like a little thing but add it to list of items that have broken lately( laptop,dryer) and that one was the last straw!!!.We tried to fix it but the wood kept splitting so out to the curb it went.On the bright side we are glad we didn't spend money to reupholster it and we really used the sofa everyday so we did get our moneys worth.I just really loved the shape and had visions of redoing it.Now I am rethinking about purchasing another antique sofa until we move to a different house that has a family room and a living room. I did find a more modern sofa that is a sectional that will work with our room and budget.Hopefully it will still be at the store when I have the money to purchase it!!!! Also I am thankful that the blue sofa was the one that broke and not the other one that we had spent money reupholstering.


Jennifer said...

It broke?! Oh dear I hope no one was sitting on it. I hate when lovely old things break :(

goddessof4 said...

Yeah , it's gone , but we enjoyed the sofa to the end!!!!