Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Makeup organization!!!!

I have been in love with makeup since I was about 4 years old!!!!! I went to a catholic school growing up and we were not allowed to wear makeup.We mostly snuck lipgloss and mascara but I was especially brave a few times and wore eyeshadow(yeah,I was the girl sent to the office for wearing eyeshadow,lol)!!!! Then in high school I was finally allowed to wear makeup everyday since I went to a public school. Those were the days when the only person I had to get ready was myself and I definitely took my time!!!!! Fast forward to adult life and I started having kids.Somedays if I had time for lipgloss that was a miracle!!!! Since I am a stay at home mom it does get challenging to get "fixed up" to do housework. I have always been interested in fashion.I went to design school after high school but then switched to cosmetology after 2 years of fashion design. So I always keep up on the latest styles in clothes,hair and makeup!!!! Lately I have rediscovered my love for makeup!!!!! I think it is that my kids are bigger and I have time for me again!!!!! Also with the internet I have been searching for creative ways to organize my things. I am so lucky to have a dressing room that is attached to our bedroom(this is separate than our closet).It is not huge but I keep my antique victorian dressing table in there,a shelf and a small armoire for my dresses.My dream before we found this house was to have my own pink dressing room and it sealed the deal on this house for me when I walked in the master bedroom!!!!! So lately I have started buying makeup(well,I guess I should say more makeup since I always bought some!!!!! I have a mix of high and low end and the challenge is where to put it!!!!! For now I found some hello kitty storage containers and I am waiting to buy an acrylic cube which is all the rage on youtube and internet.Here are photos of what I have used for now.It works since I love Hello Kitty!!!!!


Sandy said...

I love the ones in the very first photo with the hand mirror on them! They would be perfect for the earrings that I have all over the place!

goddessof4 said...

Yes,the boxes would be good for jewelry too!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!! Blessings,Sara

Princessp1 said...

Omggggggg so cute I'm jealous lol love you!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm still so obsessed with this room. For a while I had been keeping my makeup in vintage tins I bought from thrift stores, but it got to be annoying opening and closing them all the time. I stick with the drawer system too and I love it!