Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quick project

Living in Wisconsin where our winters are brutal one must keep up on
painting the outside of the house.I have to paint the stairs to our front porch almost every summer.This year the summer was so rainy I didn't do it as early as I would have liked and then it became so hot so I put it off more!!!! I couldn't stand looking at our stairs anymore so I finally painted!!! Also I purchased some ornate rubber stair mats that look victorian (that was the real motivator).Once painted I waited for my purchase to arrive.I bought the set of four victorian looking stair protectors from Ballad's catalog.I LOve Ballard's !!!! I just usually dream about buying everything from the catalog so it was exciting to actually be able to buy something affordable!!! The stair mats were about 1/4 inch to big for my steps so I asked hubby to drill some screws into them to attach to the wooden steps and it really made a difference.They feel more secure so there won't be anyone slipping off my stairs. I just have to get some black paint and paint the top of the screws to blend in more with the black color of the mats.Here are before and after photos.

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Jennifer said...

Such a difference though! I love the look, they're quite ornate in design but practical too!