Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pantry Progress

We have been working on the pantry on weekends and as usual it is a bigger project than I envisioned.We had to basically tear out the floor and floor joists.Hubby Trent then rebuilt the floor supports,leveled the new floor, weatherproofed ,insulated and put down ply-board.It was so funny to hear the kids all say ,"wow the floor is so sturdy"! Yeah,I was afraid one day someone would fall through the floor. That is life in a 100 plus year old house!!! Trent also decided to open up the ceiling so it would be more open and it will visually match our kitchen ceiling.I don't know why I am surprised but I always am when you see how much bigger a room feels when you open up the ceiling.It is crazy.The ceiling is what we worked on this weekend.Trent also installed electric to the new pantry which was another nightmare task.So hopefully we will insulate the ceiling and start the drywall process (of the ceiling).I will add some photos later for some reason they are not uploading. :(


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh sounds stressful, chaotic, and fun! I think this is going to be the most gorgeous pantry, I can't wait to see what progresses next.

goddessof4 said...

Thanks,I have big visions for this pantry.I have always imagined a pantry like in the movie Practical Magic.Ours won't be as large since we are limited on our space but it will still be amazing!!!!