Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Career Day

Today my husband and I were speakers for Career Day at an elementary school.A client of ours asked us to be one of the speakers and talk about our line of work.I am sure you all know by now we are hairdressers!!! We spoke to eight classes of fourth and fifth graders (28 in each class).Each session lasted twenty minutes.It was a lot of fun.We tried to get the kids involved by first working on two models(pre-chosen kids by our client)from each session and then having their classmates take turns with the techniques we demoed.We were so happy that
both the boys and girls enjoyed our presentation!!!!!! I don't usually like to speak in front of people(in a group setting) so this was a big accomplishment for me!!!! I told myself that this experience was good practice ,you never know what the future will bring!!!!


Jennifer said...

sounds fun! Hopefully you helped some of those children figure out what they might want to do!

goddessof4 said...

Thanks,I am just glad the kids liked us and weren't bored.At the same time I conquered a fear of public speaking!!!!!

Sandy said...

Great job! Teaching the kids and yourself!